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I'm sorry, I had to go out and get a smoke after reading this. Well I don't smoke but I had to go eat some unsalted pistachios, two chocolate chunk cookies, and sit in quiet for a bit. I already ate dinner Vinny!

Thanks for introducing me to Persona 4. I'm glad I came to it late (when Endurance Run started) because it still make me happy about it when others have been bored about it. I know it's a tall order but I hope you and Jeff do something for Persona 5. EDIT: I mean Persona 5 Quick Look.

I'm not worried if it'll be a success. I mean we all believed it would succeed when it started in Sausalito.

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I wanted to get an Xbox1. When I got home from work my friend told me there a 24hr Wal Mart in Fremont. Wow, I never thought of that. I went to give it a try the store employees came out and said to people who weren't here early enough were not going to get one.

I went back home to Berkeley and my friend said there's a Walmart in Hayward it opens at 8am (can't remember). I was like alright that's cool I think I woke up at 6am and went to go wait there in the parking lot. That was not fun.

When store opened there was a small line. Probably around 10-15 people. The Wal Mart knew we were just there for the Xbox so I don't think we even went to the electronic section of the store. You know how the setup is. It's at the front with just a table. There are consoles, some accessories, and games. You tell them which one you want and they gather everything for you, you pay and you're on your way.

There was a gentleman that came by on a bicycle. He totally waited in line while on his bicycle. I can't remember if he bought additional stuff but when it came time to pay he pulled out a big wad of cash. He paid all his stuff in cash, carried stuff under his arm, and bicycled home. Cool. That was an experience.

I got mine and hurried home because I still had to go to work. I can't remember exactly but I think I was scared because I emailed my supervisor I may be in a little late. I would be using my vacation hour but I was scared because I don't think bosses like you pulling a last minute oh hey I'm going to be taken a vacation day off.

Disclaimer, this workplace we're all friends and we all work hard. I surprisingly only came in probably around 30 min after my start time. I went to the supervisor ok I'm here kinda expecting some disciplinary talk. She said, oh did you get it? I was pleasantly surprised and said yes. She was saying she had to do something similar(I don't know if it was a work day) when she took her daughter to get some kind of Beanie babies.

I'll be skipping this launch. I may want to cover 1. Don't know, depends how work goes. I don't even have a console from this generation. I don't play games anymore. It's an expensive hobby, it's stressful when playing and time consuming.
I still try to stay current on it though by reading up on it, watching videos, and stuff. I still enjoy consuming all the media that comes out of the video game industry and all still amazed by the stuff development groups come out with.

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I don't know how I feel about this Senpai.

It's what some of Sega's questionable moves that concerns me.

Yes, hopefully Atlus just gets left to do what they want.

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Hey Patrick, thanks for putting this up. I'm not dialed in much so I don't know much about these things going on. Maybe it's just me but it seems a lot of unscrupulous stuff have been going on.

On off topic rant about kickstarter. Remember that Casey Malone post on how kickstarter let that project go through. I didn't even know about it until I saw it by chance on Brad's tweet on the side column on Giant Bomb.

Without getting too long I was upset and not satisfied how that concluded. Kickstarter states that they're creator biased for obvious reasons. I don't think you can create a morality board to screen projects because "morality" is such a relative term. There are definitely stuff I would find ok but others don't.

I don't know it just seems kickstarter is happy to sit back and count the money that rolls in. I've reported a project and it still going on. Again that "morality" thing.

I think there are good projects out there but some just.... And for kickstarter not to care really bothers me.

There is that line from Matchstick Men where Nicolas Cage says I don't take people's money. People give me their money.

Sorry about this. Just had to get that off my chest.

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That was a really nice article.

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R.I.P. Ryan Davis. My condolences to his family, friends, and everyone around him.

This is surreal. Never would have thought of this. I have plenty to say about Ryan but I can't remember them all. But what everyone else has said will fill in the gaps.

Ryan Davis had a major influence on me. In terms of writing comedy just for fun, Ryan Davis and Giant Bomb is a major influence on that. I laughed so much from his jokes and tried to learn from them. Ryan was also such a major influence in just real world life stuff. I learned so much about life and trying to do the right things. I can't really think of anyone else but I think he is the only "stranger" that I have opened up my personal life to. I think that speaks greatly of the kind of person Ryan is.

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Nice writeup nice end. I've been a little behind so some stuff news to me.

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New xbox? p-shaaw!

This is great news Rorie. psh.. You'll do fine, GameSpot, Obisdian, Screened Captain's Chair, dancer, etc.

So great to hear you back.