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Glad you were here. You brought a lot. I'm disappointed that I didn't get on board with the Bombin' the A.M. earlier. The ability to turn one's thinking is something that really gets me. I'm not a fan of Jim Sterling (I'm probably still not, indifferent) but that was one of the best stuff I listened to.

I'm for whatever works best for you.

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Jeff, sorry to hear that. I can't even imagine too. Are you going to take some time off? You should take some time off. But don't be doing that by yourself. Sorry, I'm not good at these things.

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I'm sorry, I had to go out and get a smoke after reading this. Well I don't smoke but I had to go eat some unsalted pistachios, two chocolate chunk cookies, and sit in quiet for a bit. I already ate dinner Vinny!

Thanks for introducing me to Persona 4. I'm glad I came to it late (when Endurance Run started) because it still make me happy about it when others have been bored about it. I know it's a tall order but I hope you and Jeff do something for Persona 5. EDIT: I mean Persona 5 Quick Look.

I'm not worried if it'll be a success. I mean we all believed it would succeed when it started in Sausalito.

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I wanted to get an Xbox1. When I got home from work my friend told me there a 24hr Wal Mart in Fremont. Wow, I never thought of that. I went to give it a try the store employees came out and said to people who weren't here early enough were not going to get one.

I went back home to Berkeley and my friend said there's a Walmart in Hayward it opens at 8am (can't remember). I was like alright that's cool I think I woke up at 6am and went to go wait there in the parking lot. That was not fun.

When store opened there was a small line. Probably around 10-15 people. The Wal Mart knew we were just there for the Xbox so I don't think we even went to the electronic section of the store. You know how the setup is. It's at the front with just a table. There are consoles, some accessories, and games. You tell them which one you want and they gather everything for you, you pay and you're on your way.

There was a gentleman that came by on a bicycle. He totally waited in line while on his bicycle. I can't remember if he bought additional stuff but when it came time to pay he pulled out a big wad of cash. He paid all his stuff in cash, carried stuff under his arm, and bicycled home. Cool. That was an experience.

I got mine and hurried home because I still had to go to work. I can't remember exactly but I think I was scared because I emailed my supervisor I may be in a little late. I would be using my vacation hour but I was scared because I don't think bosses like you pulling a last minute oh hey I'm going to be taken a vacation day off.

Disclaimer, this workplace we're all friends and we all work hard. I surprisingly only came in probably around 30 min after my start time. I went to the supervisor ok I'm here kinda expecting some disciplinary talk. She said, oh did you get it? I was pleasantly surprised and said yes. She was saying she had to do something similar(I don't know if it was a work day) when she took her daughter to get some kind of Beanie babies.

I'll be skipping this launch. I may want to cover 1. Don't know, depends how work goes. I don't even have a console from this generation. I don't play games anymore. It's an expensive hobby, it's stressful when playing and time consuming.
I still try to stay current on it though by reading up on it, watching videos, and stuff. I still enjoy consuming all the media that comes out of the video game industry and all still amazed by the stuff development groups come out with.

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I don't know how I feel about this Senpai.

It's what some of Sega's questionable moves that concerns me.

Yes, hopefully Atlus just gets left to do what they want.

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Hey Patrick, thanks for putting this up. I'm not dialed in much so I don't know much about these things going on. Maybe it's just me but it seems a lot of unscrupulous stuff have been going on.

On off topic rant about kickstarter. Remember that Casey Malone post on how kickstarter let that project go through. I didn't even know about it until I saw it by chance on Brad's tweet on the side column on Giant Bomb.

Without getting too long I was upset and not satisfied how that concluded. Kickstarter states that they're creator biased for obvious reasons. I don't think you can create a morality board to screen projects because "morality" is such a relative term. There are definitely stuff I would find ok but others don't.

I don't know it just seems kickstarter is happy to sit back and count the money that rolls in. I've reported a project and it still going on. Again that "morality" thing.

I think there are good projects out there but some just.... And for kickstarter not to care really bothers me.

There is that line from Matchstick Men where Nicolas Cage says I don't take people's money. People give me their money.

Sorry about this. Just had to get that off my chest.

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That was a really nice article.

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R.I.P. Ryan Davis. My condolences to his family, friends, and everyone around him.

This is surreal. Never would have thought of this. I have plenty to say about Ryan but I can't remember them all. But what everyone else has said will fill in the gaps.

Ryan Davis had a major influence on me. In terms of writing comedy just for fun, Ryan Davis and Giant Bomb is a major influence on that. I laughed so much from his jokes and tried to learn from them. Ryan was also such a major influence in just real world life stuff. I learned so much about life and trying to do the right things. I can't really think of anyone else but I think he is the only "stranger" that I have opened up my personal life to. I think that speaks greatly of the kind of person Ryan is.