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@patrickklepek it is a complete tragedy you cut WNUF Halloween Special. If you've never seen it, it is AMAZING!

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I played the Alpha was was like, "oh man Bungie really has something here."

Then I played the Beta and realized what they had was the same thing, repeating itself over and over and over.

And then I canceled my preorder.

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@guncannond: hey man, you have successfully summed up everything i've been thinking about this issue but couldn't put into words. Thank you.

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@davidmerrick: look, I agree with everything Patrick said at the beginning of the show. The harrasment going on is ridiculous and totally disgusting. There is a talk that needs to be made about journalistic integrity in the game journalism, but now is not the time. Too many people are riled up or coming at this argument for a terrible angle.

But man, fuck Kotoku. Like, snack reviews? What the fuck is that?

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Can I still hate Kotaku for being a bunch of click-bait bullshit without being labeled a Misogynist? That's all I really want.

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has anyone who got in for the first 100 gotten their e mails yet? I still haven't received anything and I signed up on the first page.

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House Davis

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Ryan Reid Thanks Rorie! THIS IS AN RSVP

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I think hiring a woman for the sake of having a woman is a bad idea. Now if a female games journalist/personality out there that gels with the groove of GB, then yeah sure. Carrie was great in the old HotSpot days.

But deep down I want them to steal Danny O'Dwyer from Gamespot.