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I didn't enjoy Witcher 2 and I'm not a fan of Geralt at all. But the world of this game interests me. So I'm picking it up used. That way I can return it if I dislike it as much as the last one.

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Man of Steel really depressed me.The tone was so counter to what Superman should be. He was taught to value secrets over human life....gross.

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Saw and it immediately got me excited for that new game. Then I saw their portrayal of Max and realized he wasn't enough like Tom Hardy...

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Kudos on the Tool reference...

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After Brotherhood I think I've seen just about everything this series has to offer. I'm out.

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Aria of Sorrow. That's the best of the lot.

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Remake. Better experience. Watch the "Master of unlocking" shit on youtube.

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@l1ghtn1n said:

Has anyone actually used the phrase Igavania?

Also seems a bit odd that the whole point of the Kickstarter is to fund physical discs/stretch goals instead of the game itself which comes from outside investors, and the price for a digital copy is $28 when I'm assuming it'll go for $20, maybe $25. Either way since it's already 1/5 of the way there in less than an hour I doubt it'll have much trouble getting funded.

No the Kickstarter is to prove to the venture capital investors that enough people want to buy this. They're outside investment is contingent on the success of the kickstarter.

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3. Mass Effect

2. Mass Effect 2

1.Dragon Age: Origins