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I saw it opening night and I have very mixed feelings about it. It was exciting for most of it. The thing that really worked about the first movie was it's simplicity. This movie tries to do so many things at once and some of them work really well and some of them fail completely. So many of the threads it set up in the first act just fall to the wayside. The actor playing Rama was asked to actually act a hell of a lot more in this one, and I just don't think he was up to the task. In fact Rama's whole storyline was the least interesting part of the movie. He spends so much of the movie just drifting into the background and he's completely overshadowed by his far more talented costars. The gangster and his son, in particular, are really really strong and I think you could have made a pretty great movie out of just their subplot. In fact this movie kind of feels like 2 movies and a couple of short films all thrown together. It all feels incredibly unfocused. If all you care about is fights, there are plenty of them and they're very well done. But fights are only exciting if you care who wins. By the end of it's 2.5 hour run time, I really didn't care what happened to anyone.

I have to say I enjoyed this movie for the most part. The action is top notch, the cast is likable, and the camera work is gorgeous. It's far more ambitious than in predecessor, unfortunately I think it's reach exceeds it's grasp in some key areas.

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It's an incredibly ambitious, poorly paced, horrendously controlling game, with enough charm to drown out it's many flaws.

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I slightly prefer consoles because that's what I grew up with. I don't have to think about drivers and settings. And that's where most of my friends are.

But there are certain series I simply refuse to play on the console because I feel like they are kind of handicapped there. Like The Sims and Bethesda RPGs.

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@the_ruiner: Totally, I actually feel like solo'ing is playing the wrong way to play, but I do enjoy the satisfaction of having done it.

I never go in for the "wrong way to play" stuff. I do feel like in this game, co op is kind of encouraged by the developers. But the great thing about these games is how open they are to multiple approaches and styles. Co op isn't for everyone. But i love it. I've loved it since Secret of Mana on the SNES. And I wish more action RPGs had it.

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No I spend most RPGs wishing there was co op. So I jumped at the chance to team up against some of the multiple boss fights in the game.

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It's tough in those early hours honestly. But your pawn's inclination has a lot to do with how they behave in battle. I will say they are very dumb. But the one thing they do very well is heal you. You just have to set them to do so above all else with the chair in the inn or with a potion bought from the merchant at the encampment. The potion is probably your best bet because it is very clear on what exactly you're changing your pawn into. Also bring a lot of greenwarish plants. They will bring up the health cap.

I realize it goes against the way most people(including me) play RPGs but don't explore right away. Do a decent number of the story quests first up until about the time you have an audience with the Duke. Then branch out and do the side stuff. Be careful not to go to far down the main path, because there are some good quests and items you can miss. And those escort missions are super easy. Explore as much as you can of Gran Soren first and drop way crystals in key area throughout the map. When you use your ferry stone, the person you're escorting will come with you. Also if they die you have about a minute to revive them with a wake stone.

But my enjoyment of this game comes from thrill of fighting the large monsters. My fondest memory of my time with the game is wandering through the woods and being attacked by a fire drake. I attacked him and very quickly realized I was not strong enough to fight this thing yet. I ran for some boulders for cover and out swarmed a ton of goblins and hobgoblins. So I'm running from this Drake and killing goblins left and right without even missing a beat or slowing down to much. It was very exciting. Like I was in a Lord of the Rings movie. There are a ton of moments like that in that game.

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This one always makes me smile.

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I started a boxer character the other night. Getting to the merchant in The Forest of Fallen Giants with all my souls in tact was a bit of a headache. But once leveled up enough to power stance, you can be really aggressive. And the attacks expend so little stamina too! Big improvement over the DS 1 caestus.