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4 player co op is all I wanted from Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma. And Multiplayer works for Dark Souls. So I'll give this a shot.

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I'm ok with it going back to crime. But Gansta Rap is pretty much dead. Party rap is the new thing and that's more or less what Saints Row 3 was channeling. Them being funny criminals in an awesome city is all I really want from the series. 4 kinda failed because it was the least interesting setting and there was no crime.

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Resident Evil has better looking pants...

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-The Walking Dead

-Fable 2

-Saint's Row 3

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I just realized that he mentioned having a girlfriend a couple of podcasts ago. That's new right? That can make you pretty happy.

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I really enjoyed The Day of the Doctor. Except for the ending.

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I hope they've dropped the fairy tale motif and gotten back to junk science. If the solution in the premiere is happy memories or love, I'm out until 13.

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Because the host sort of has to be the straight man. Jeff is not a good straight man. He's good at being the loud, entertaining voice of rage and humor he's been since the HotSpot days. Brad may be the host, but it's still very much Jeff's show.

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I've been all over Google but I can;t find the name of the song used in the Hearthstone trailers. It's also used as the end credits for the MXR Skyrim Mods Weekly channel. Can Anyone help me out with this one?

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I'll let this video speak for me...