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If a mech has wheels on the ends of its legs, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having legs?
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I consider them walkers not mechs.  The Scarabs from halo would be walkers too.

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Go watch Gundam: The 08th MS Team, it's pretty much GRAW: Mech Addition.

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It might have been a 'Ranma 1/2' game, because I remember playing one that was a 2d side-scroller.  You would change from a boy to a girl whenever you came into contact with a certain object, but I don't remeber it being a phonebooth.  Anyways, it sounds like your best bet.

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Generally I don't care, and it is a nice change of pace.  I always found it funny that some people(dudes) are revolted by the idea of playing as a girl.

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Pakorn said:
"Think about the storm related naming conventions for the main characters in many of the more recent Final Fantasy games. It fits with the theme there.

Yeah Lightning fits the theme and I'm fine with it, but naming someone Lighting does make it feel like they're running out of storm related names.
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What type of Mech do you guys prefer, the more Japanese style Mecha or the more western flavored Mechs?  I tend to prefer the western BattleTech-esq Mech designs as I find them more "realistic".  And how does Metal Wolf Chaos figure into this?

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The Halo games have Gauss cannons mounted on Warthogs and MAC guns mounted on spaceships, both of which are technically coilguns rather than railguns but function under the same concept and belong to the same family of mass accelerator weapons.  Since so many games feature railguns and so few feature coilguns (and not many people would really be concerned by the distinction) would it be appropriate to list other types of mass accelerator weapons under the railgun page, such as those features in the Halo series, and in Mass Effect?
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I personally think that the inclusion of Lobo is absolutely necessary.  He is the most hilarious, ironically badass character in all of DC.  And Lobo would fit right in, as he tends to be even more violent than the MK characters.