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Dark Souls was better than DS2. Demon's Souls was the best.

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Final Fantasy X has a fantastic ending. Bittersweet and short, but effective in communicating the state of the world as you've left it.

Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 4 both have really good endings. 4 especially meant a lot to me as it seemed to wrap up everything that had started with MGS ten or so years prior.

Okami's ending is really good, knowing Ammy did what she had to do and that Issun will finally accept his role as a herald (or whatever).

The end of Legacy of Kain: Defiance has some of the ambiguity you talk about, but does it well. The whole Blood Omen storyline is hard to wrap your head around, but it ends, literally, with hope, and I think it's a great way to send off a great series (the less said about Blood Omen 2 the better).

I do feel that a lot of games, especially more modern ones, have really weak endings. Look at Shadows of Mordor, that was such a huge letdown in terms of ending, and a good ending would have been so easy. Of course Mass Effect 3 is the poster child for garbage "ambiguity is best" endings, but that thing was and is just a muddled mess even without just talking about the 3 choices cop out.

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@hurricaneivan29: I too, have no complaints about the PS4 UI or network. I don't have an Xbone so I can't compare, but for me everything runs smoothly, the system boots quickly, and anything big I want to download I just set to download after I'm done for the night and let it download in standby mode. The 2.0 update did make it so my system couldn't come out of standby, but the 2.1 update fixed that.

Also I just wanted to mention that I tried out the Playstation Now service with Of Orcs and Men and I was really surprised how well the game streamed, there was one point when I lost connection and everything looked like a 320p video for a minute, but otherwise it worked great.

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This looks pretty goddamn awesome to me, I love TF2, so TF2 with more character classes sounds great to me.

All the apathy here is bumming me out, it must suck to not get excited about things.

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I've been waiting for a modern version of this game for 16 years. One day someone will realize that Colony Wars is super fucking awesome and would look amazing with current gen graphics.

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Probably none. MAYBE Far Cry 4. A few years ago I would've said DA without hesitation, but DA2 was so shitty that I've sworn off all Bioware games after that, the end of Mass Effect, and the mess that was The Old Republic. Bioware is dead to me.

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I played Clock Tower for PSX back when I was like 11 and I still remember being horrified of that game, much scarier than Resident Evil to me as a kid.

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The ends of Okami and Final Fantasy X both made me cry actual tears.