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Just picked it up one day in the bargain bin of EB Games (this was back in like, 2005) and played the ever-loving shit out of it. To this day there's nothing quite like it. It's got atmosphere out the ass, great characters, a rather unique leveling/experience system, and unlike most "play how you want" RPGs I can actually get through 98% of this game without initiating combat at all.

It's probably the first RPG about role playing I ever played. Up until I played VTMB I thought RPGs were just about numbers and leveling stats. This shit right here spoiled me and it really grates on me that there hasn't been anything else like it since.

I second this, and also submit :

I bought Z.O.E. solely beause of that MGS2 demo. Once I played the boat like a thousand times I decided to pop in the game and was delighted to find a very fun and heartwarming game about a boy and his robot. I loved it from then on. ZOE2 was great as well, but Leon Stenbuck will always be my Runner.

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@relkin: I second Breath of Fire 3, such a good game. Why do they only have 4 on PSN!?

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Get it, it's worth every penny--just be aware that the last third or so is pretty much just a long dungeon run and if you build a character with no combat prowess you'll suffer.

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@clonedzero: "the DUKES dear freja could be seeths, i mean it is the DUKES dear freja and there isnt any duke around."

The dude was the dude who you killed after fighting the spider monster, he let all the spider out into the Brightstone Caverns and watched as they killed everyone. He was insane.I

I was disappointed by the end of the game, not because the last boss was easy, but because I thought the ending was weak. Not as bad as the "Link the Fire" ending from DS1, but pretty boring all the same. I didn't like how the basic storyline of the game was the exact same as DS1, overall I still think Demon's Souls had the best story and ending.

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If they didn't invade, you wouldn't be invading them. Fuck invaders.

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I've got trine 2, that's a good game, but I think we might not have the brainpower for that after a short time