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Get it, it's worth every penny--just be aware that the last third or so is pretty much just a long dungeon run and if you build a character with no combat prowess you'll suffer.

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@clonedzero: "the DUKES dear freja could be seeths, i mean it is the DUKES dear freja and there isnt any duke around."

The dude was the dude who you killed after fighting the spider monster, he let all the spider out into the Brightstone Caverns and watched as they killed everyone. He was insane.I

I was disappointed by the end of the game, not because the last boss was easy, but because I thought the ending was weak. Not as bad as the "Link the Fire" ending from DS1, but pretty boring all the same. I didn't like how the basic storyline of the game was the exact same as DS1, overall I still think Demon's Souls had the best story and ending.

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If they didn't invade, you wouldn't be invading them. Fuck invaders.

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I've got trine 2, that's a good game, but I think we might not have the brainpower for that after a short time

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This weekend I'm traveling out of town to visit some old friends I haven't seen in awhile, we plan to spend the whole weekend hanging out and drinking booze, and I'd like to enliven to event with some cool couch MP games for my PC. I've already got Nidhogg and Samurai Gunn lined up, I was thinking of getting Risk of Rain too. Are there any other cool 2-4 player local co op games I can get on my PC that are easy to pick up and play without too much fuss?

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@gorillamopena: Well, this is pretty much all that needs to be said. Everyone stop commenting now please.

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It's weird, people talk about Orn and Smaugh as hard, and the Four Kings as hard, but I beat both of those bosses my first try (granted I'd helped people beat O&S as a phantom to get sun medals) I thought the Bed of Bullshit was much more annoying, and Seathe and the the last boss.