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@patrickklepek please play Persona 4, I'd LOVE to see your thoughts on the game(it's my personal favorite game)

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So can we all agree that Watch Dogs is a bad, overrated game now?

No. I had alot of fun with the game. I honestly spent more time playing it than I did GTA V. I just really enjoyed the mechanics and the sandboxes you were set in for the missions.

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Probably Day9 and TotalBiscuit (mostly due to my love for Starcraft II)

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The original version of Oldboy left me so uncomfortable. It's not scary or anything but extremely unsettling due to it's subject matter(if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about)

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I went with both lol there's too many games on both consoles I want really bad XD but I initially went with the One and got my PS4 5 months later. Still play my One more though. Mostly due to the controller, I still prefer the offset sticks

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@vuud said:

I always wonder how much of Gary's actual writing makes it into the movie, and the whole sausage making movie process. Has he ever talked about it?

I thought Book of Eli was a great movie, and my mind is still blown from when I found out Whitta wrote it. I hope they let him write an effed up Star Wars movie, but as long as it's out of the hands of George Lucas you can be optimistic.

He did mention in an episode of Tested that screenwriting is really messy. It goes through alot of hands and he basically came in on After Earth to doctor it up. It had already been mostly written by like 3 other people. But he's the only credited writer.

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Idk dude looks like Mads Mikkelsson's Hannibal to me. Especially with the hair

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The Steven Spielberg War of The Worlds. I literally had to yell at my friend in the theater because it was so loud.

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I just finished Burial At Sea Pt 2 and there was a special thanks to Ryan Davis. I nearly teared up but it was awesome to see.

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Young Caravella was a stud!!!