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Sure do! My dad's always been there for me during the good and bad so we've gotten to be really close. At times he's more like a friend. Plus my moms side of the family is Hispanic and it's common to be openly affectionate with family.

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To be fair this is a list of games I want to play and won't have time to this year so it looks good to me *shrug*

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It was my favorite movie of the year and yeah the story gets silly but the acting is incredible and sells it really well

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I'll point out a couple that haven't been yet but Persona 4 and Spec Ops

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Because I saw the IGN first looks and it looks like a bad Starcraft clone sadly

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I don't know how they're generally received among the metal community but I would also recommend Dir En Grey's [Arche] album. Pretty good stuff

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@csl316: Well at least now we know what the fox says... Ok I'm done sorry

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I might be the outlier here but I've had a great time with AAA games this year and the only indie game I've really enjoyed is GeoWars3 and the Limbo rerelease on Xbox One. But yeah been a good year for me

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Ran into a similar issue with Xbox Live a while back(2007-8ish). It wouldn't let me use my last name, Jewett, in my bio(it was a link to my old blog on 1up) because people use "Jew" as pejorative -.-