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I don't know how they're generally received among the metal community but I would also recommend Dir En Grey's [Arche] album. Pretty good stuff

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@csl316: Well at least now we know what the fox says... Ok I'm done sorry

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I might be the outlier here but I've had a great time with AAA games this year and the only indie game I've really enjoyed is GeoWars3 and the Limbo rerelease on Xbox One. But yeah been a good year for me

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Ran into a similar issue with Xbox Live a while back(2007-8ish). It wouldn't let me use my last name, Jewett, in my bio(it was a link to my old blog on 1up) because people use "Jew" as pejorative -.-

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Halo 1 online multiplayer is the real next gen game of the year

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Surprised no one's mentioned them but also check out Dir En Grey(well from Withering to Death on up, unless you like VKei). They're a Japanese experimental metal band. They're hard to lock down stylistically but really unique and interesting

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Actually I've been encountering the same problem but I feel like I've been getting sniped by shotguns. They are extremely effective at even a medium range and it's really annoying

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@pocky4th3win: I fail to understand how 1920x1080 isn't 1080 resolution.

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I really really enjoyed the game but hey man, if you don't like it you don't like it. We all have our tastes and sometimes genres or mechanics just don't click for us. For example I find Borderlands EXTREMELY boring, can't play more than an hour total, but I loved Destiny. So don't worry too much about not liking it! :)

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You forgot Hannibal. Which is probably the best thing I've seen on tv since Breaking Bad