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I still feel incredibly sad when I hear ryans voice, could only get 15 mins in before I didnt want to listen anymore :( just wish he was still here..

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Can't stand that he's gone. Wish I could've met him

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I actually like the game, put a nice 60 odd hours in then stopped. Now id like to play some more but it seems like 2.0 broke even more stuff.

can I play again yet?

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@starvinggamer Yea you can only send money to those connected by lines set in the map.

It seems like with local regions which arnt connected theres always 1 that can, so if someone takes that plot they could distribute some of my goods the the rest of the map.

I would give anyone who claims that spot a nice starting bonus!

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Yes i know, the server was down for almost a week due to SSD failure. We are back now! after many angry conversation with technical support. Now we wait for the halloween pretty scary update

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this is quite a trend, i think its safe to say almost all creative directors/what have you will leave their nest eventually

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Well I could start, ive had a server getting close to a year now, you can get to it here . This is a Survival Server

If youre unimpressed when you join remember everyone starts in a public area which is around 20 millions blocks big. The public area is meant for the immature youngins who join the server. However i usually dont like people join the private area right away, as long as you build a house and show that you can play minecraft for 20 minutes without asking for diamonds 10 times ill bring you over.

We do use Plugins such as LWC, MCMMO, Deathtp, Factions and some more to make vanilla minecraft more interesting, like Lapis blocks which are bouncy! and Diamond blocks will throw you even farther.

If you come for griefing you'll find it frustrating, chests are locked and your limited to an area which only new people have built. I have some fun jails for you also which you can find in the public area.

sometimes i deposit my extra inventory into a box I save for Giantbomb fans. so come all and answer some sort of GB trivia to gain access to it

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are you still making a list?

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Hey Rian, The server was just in a new map to test out 1.3 as bukkit was updating. last night bukkit came out with a recommended build and were back to our world. BTW this site is awesome

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its super common for new people to make those giant boxs as homes, I try to set examples by buildings things unlike that, that spawn location and the prison have some more interesting architectural designs.

When you come back there is a giant wood "building" infront of the spawn location, youll find some supplies in there to help you get started quicker.

Also i noticed you posted some time ago, most people play in the normal eastern time zones times, are you in a different one or just a night owl?

And if your new to the PC version, I think youll have much more fun with how much more there is to this version of the game, With mods on top of that, it can be really fun