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Someone translated the patch notes here:

Patch notes.....

  • Successful Online coop with white / small sigh stone will now revive you back to human

  • Bug where entrance door to Drangleic Castle did not open has been fixed

  • failing to create multiplayer session no longer disables use of online items such as white soap stone

  • starting boss fight with Mirror Knight while summoning coop player no longer fails / cancel summoning process

  • death match error at the undead purgatory has been fixed

  • you will no longer be able to take off Covenant related rings while being summoned

  • bug which dropped items were not be able to picked up again due to the 'inventory is full ' message has been fixed

  • dialog will now pop up when you enter the coffin at the Things Betwixt

  • fixed bug where at certain areas blood stains, illusions and messages were not displayed

  • bug which location of object and item were reset has been fixed

  • display response time at character making has been improved

  • bug where angle of the tattoo chosen at the character making screen did not display correctly has been fixed

  • response time of start menu / bonfire menu has been improved

  • certain items not being available at the shops in NG+ and later has been fixed

  • summoned players no longer fall under the ground at Earthen Peak

  • bug which caused souls to be lost while equipping life protection ring has been fixed

  • bug which caused face icon displayed at the summon sign to be of different player has been fixed

  • Trophy icon for the Guardian of Fort(?) fixed

  • Controller now vibrate when guarding

  • equip menu info on dark magic has been fixed

  • bug which caused player to fall through elevator while using binoculars and casting spell has been fixed

Edit: Demoskinos beat me to it. Oh well!

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This whole thread is amazing. Great work, guys! @fattony12000 I'll be waiting for the extended 6 minute clip with giddy excitement!

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@beepmachine: I used Avant Garde CE. But I had to modify the A myself to make it look like the one in the Senna poster. Your artwork is looking great by the way!

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I'm super excited for this podcast. I made some artwork for it, so feel free to use it @drewbert

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I'm fluidicdrwatson on steam. Add me, I might get in to the daily challenges again

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The drake sword is for scrubs. Don't use it

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If there's any room on the official or unofficial crew, I'm interested!
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"You own 49 games worth: $798.57 USD"

A lot more than I thought.

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@pr1mus said: