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@xobballox: first the imperials :

Ideals: peace and order at the cost of freedom and justice.

goals : toatal control of all territory and complying with thalmor wishes.

reason for fighting : to keep control, continue to harvest wealth from skyrim to strengthen cyrodils economy, and not anger the thalmor.

claim to the land : the nords endorsed the first Titus Mede as an honorable warrior, worthy of following, for he would not back down or yeild to his enemys

now the Stormcloaks:

ideals: freedom of worship, honor and justice

goals: reclaim their land and reliegion, restore their homeland and bring the fight to the thalmor

reason for fighting: freedom from oppresion.

claim to the land: it is their ancestral homeland of proud warriors, the emporer betrayed them and is no longer worthy to follow.