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Yeah, I dunno about this one. I take it that he's just saying Rock Band 4 plays like all the other Rock Band games and he can clearly not give a care about any of them to begin with, which, yeah, that's a fine, possibly relatable stance to have. I think it's just that he's so aloof about the whole thing is what's rolling my eyes about the article. I mean, he explains a couple of the main features being presented here and there, and that's all you really need to do, right? But still, how he's writing this stuff just kind of makes me think about how writing about games should be more diverse in topics, and yet I gotta wonder if something like "I dunno it's whatever I guess but don't take my word for it I'm just a fuddy-duddy" is really asking for that sort of deep conversation, y'know?

Guess at best I got a "lol what a dick" vibe from reading this, and it's just a preview of a game I've heard enough coverage about by now, so whatever all-in-all. But at worst, having a voice like that over something like a Rock Band preview seems so needlessly flatulent in a way that bothers me more than it should. hmph,

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@meatball: I don't think you're crazy! I can't really say anything about the game (not having it or the console to play it on), but the fact that it is a new IP at all from Nintendo is what impresses me the most about this thing. And from what little I've seen, it seems like one that's successfully different from the crowd out there, which means a lot to me (like a PG Sunset Overdrive?). Now I don't know about the gameplay or anything, but at least superficially, I'm super hyped about this!

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When I think about this website, I think of Dragonball Evolution.

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Adventure Time is great! I agree, though, on the evolution of the show by the sixth season: the tone, pacing, and even the sense of humor is just so different from what you get out of really any of the other seasons (but especially the first few) that it's kind of a bummer to deal with. Still, it's a show I like to keep up with, and honestly, I feel like the risks it's taking now is something few cartoons even care to do, and I feel like that's worth at least respecting.

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I've fallen out of love with Looney Tunes over the years. I'd certainly put high regard to that golden era of cartoons they made, but seeing them constantly air ever since I can remember existing puts a big bias for me in being tired of seeing it on.

I don't remember much to any of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, but if their revitalization cartoons like DuckTales count, then they kinda win in spades. The only good Looney Tunes revitalization project I liked was the sitcom-like one they put out a couple of years ago, and that was cancelled way too quickly (oh, and I guess Tiny Toons was alright, too). Plus, being a website about videogames, Disney has put out way better video games then stuff with Looney Tunes on the cover.

Oh, and also fucking Space Jam

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@jejoma: First of all, dude was being made "fun" of a little more than just his glasses. Secondly, regardless, that's some petty stuff, man.

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@theveteran13: Wow yeah this Joker's just screaming "IT MAKES MEEEEE," very canon

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I dunno, I personally don't mind the style overall. Frick, even the "damaged" thing to an extent; just depends if that adjective is really gonna be that self-aware to him, because man, last thing I want is another brooding character in a gritty comic book movie. I hope they do a good direction with how they'll utilize this image to the context of the movie. He at least comes off explosive in this pic, I'll give the photograph that much.

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I'm not gonna doubt the power the GB staff has for providing fun commentary, but to me, Super Mario Brothers will still not be an entertaining movie despite a drunken mindset. Dennis Hopper's "Monkey!" and "...Bob-Omb!" is all I think anybody should get out of that movie, with the Cheep-Cheep fish from the video game being translated to a street-smart gogo dancer coming close-to-second.