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Har-har, his speech'll be like "Yeah I don't really like the 'gamer' term cuz its all business BS but thanks anyways I guess," if he wins, anyway.

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I haven't gotten around to listening to the new FKA twigs album. I did listen to the song "Two Weeks," though, and I find that one in particular to be quite the jam, so it's a shame to hear that you found the album as a whole disappointing to me. With that said, I thought some of her songs off her EPs were pretty, but like a wee too ambient. Is that what this LP essentially is?

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Were I a lady, and you walked in on me rubbing lotion on my naked self, and you didn't try to do anything weirder than say "oh shit" and run out, then I'll probably giggle about it, but let it go altogether. I'm a grown, naked woman with more important things on my mind, y'know? I get that you might be embarrassed by the whole scenario, but you're not a pervert that needs to be reported just because you weren't fully aware of being in the wrong locker room and accidentally glancing at me. Naked. Rubbing lotion. On myself.

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Basically, bugs and gigantic eyeballs. I couldn't play the Wind Waked for the longest time because of the one-eyed moth you had to face (not to mention the octoroks that would all of a sudden just STAND RIGHT BEHIND YOU).

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Great actor; a guy that makes you respect him being in the Mario Brothers even though A) the movie blew and B) he supposedly totally hated doing it. It's a shame to hear that he passed away, but at least he left behind a pretty fulfilled career.

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I think if the Donnas tried hard enough, teenage boys would have followed.

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Complicated question imo, needs walls of text:

Firstly, I dunno if I'm interested in seeing any of those potential movies you listed OP. Not because I don't enjoy them as video games, but the fact that the games already have such a movie-like grounding to them that I don't see what references could strafe the property to be anything that you haven't already seen before. Kind of like how I hear Need for Speed not being so much a video game movie as a Fast and Furious movie with a video game license, y'know? Only Assassin's Creed could be sort of original in that its time-traveling genetics of a story is a crazy mechanic that the potential movie could have a bunch of fun with.

However, while there's plenty of duds, movies about games have certainly been praised before: Mortal Kombat's already been mentioned, and I hear pretty good things about the Phoenix Wright movie a couple of years back (I sure as heck want to see it at some point in the near future). Such iterations are based on pretty deep fiction, and can so easily be seen as being more from a game than anything else. Not to mention Scott Pilgrim and Wreck-It-Ralph, which, while not being straight-up video game adaptations, owed a lot of their respective successes to portraying the video game theming that was surrounding them. I guess I should just say "it's a matter of time," but I think it's really important for filmmakers to adapt properties in a way that gives it a distinct "video game" quality.

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I liked Backstreet Boys, hated Backstreet Boys, hated One Direction, liked One Direction, and then liked Backstreet Boys again.

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Despite all of the good buzz it had for a bit, I believe Patrick's the only one that'll recall Fire Emblem at all throughout the deliberations, though I'd adore to eat those words.

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Play games that are practically books. Not particularly wordy, mind you, but just as intellectual as some of the classics. I find Stanley's Parable, for example, to be an intellectually stimulating experience, and part of that is what makes the game so great to me. There's a good bit out there these days. You should be all like "Who's socially inept now?" if video games are ever brought up as a hobby for losers.