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A great example of the power of charm in video games. 0

An army of pitch black, leeching, spiderlike antagonists threaten the life of a giant magical tree, along with its diverse residents of anthropomorphic insects, plants, fungi, and whatever other small thing generally appreciated within the community. Of these terrorized, a group of five friends--a little lantern seed (the "chosen one" of the bunch), a stick, a feather, a mushroom, and what I can best define as "bulky fungus guy"--act as the tree's peace brigade and attempt to save the day in Ama...

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Experiments Killed Dr. Jekyll; Couldn't It Happen to a Hedgehog? 1

Some super-fast blue hedgehog's saving the world from an incredibly stupid "genius" with the help of sacred jewelry; however, a conflict occurs, friendly folk learn valuable lessons, the blue hedgehog begins the realization of the belief in oneself, eventually turning into a super-powered, golden savior, and earth is saved until next year. Sounds a bit "blah" now, doesn't it? Sure, people could always nitpick what is put into these stories, but that's never been the point of what makes a good, o...

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Risks are taken to make one of the most memorable games available 1

A game that thrives to be different, Capcom’s Killer7 is originality where originality seems to be sunk under tons of big-numbered sequels and established franchises. You’ve played your standard action-adventure title, but it’s likely that no one’s played an on-the-rail shooting adventure with RPG elements since Killer7 came around. Risks are seen throughout this game that are taken in order for it to be what it is, but for the most part, Killer7 succeeds, and can even be one of the most memorab...

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