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This better hit consoles, and it better hit stateside. 
If it doesn't, I will give Sega the frowning of a lifetime. HRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

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Dogs of the AMS. 
Time they MADE A MOVE. 
I am Gold MAN! 
<3 Classic.
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Hey, folks. 
I would really like to actually contribute to a community such as this one, and I think reviews are a nice place to start. As I don't consider myself as much of a pro as the Jeff Gerstmann's of the world, I'm intending to keep my reviews short and sweet for the time being. Of course, any and all comments and criticisms will be welcome.  
Thanks for hearing me out!
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I'm pretty sure this is the first thing that goes through the average young male's mind when you mention pregnancy.  
All I know is that somebody better get Alma her ice cream quick, or there's going to be HELL to pay!    
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Needs more Hedonism Bot.