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@tobyus: I just picked it up with an Xbox One today. I'm loving 'em both.

As for PS4 impressions, I'm pretty satisfied with it's potential so far. The UI is easy enough to navigate, although I do miss being able to customize it. I'm disappointed in the lack of external USB support. The same also goes for the lack of media file support, such as MP3's. But from what I understand, Sony's gonna hotfix it eventually, so it's not that big of a deal. Games are....OK. It's the launch window. There's really not a whole lot that really catches my eye. That's just how it goes, sometimes. They do look nice, though.

One thing that really stands out for me is how loud it is compared to the Xbox One. The latter is whisper quiet, while the PS4 reminds me of that obnoxious relative who won't shut up. "HEY, XBONE! CHECK IT OUT WE'RE PLAYING A GAME IN NATIVE 1080P AND 60 FPS! IT'S PRETTY PUPPY AWESOME, MAN! HUH? CHECK OUT WHAT? OH, UPLOAD STUDIO! YEAH, IT'S COOL! SORRY, MAN, WE COULDN'T HEAR YOU OVER ALL THIS HORSEPOWER! HEY, LET'S STAND IN FRONT OF KINECT AND GET A PICTURE! LOOK AT THESE TERAFLOPS, BRO!"

All jokes aside, I'm cool. I'll keep you posted as I get more into it. : )

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I will not be satisfied until RE4 is ported to cell phones, Smart TVs, and Texas Instruments graphing calculators.

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Better late than never, right?

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I played for a month and only a month. I haven't gone back since, and I never will. Diablo is all the Blizzard I need, really. :p

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I won't say that I can't stand them anymore, but there are a couple two tree franchises that I'm either burnt out on, or simply don't have the excitement that I once did.

A lot of folks have already mentioned Sonic the Hedgehog, so I hope you don't mind if I toss my name into that hat. From the 1991 original up to Sonic Adventure 2, I was hooked. After that....the dream died, I suppose. The newer stuff just doesn't resonate with me as much. Call of Duty is another one. This is one of the 'burn out' franchises. I just played it SO much that I got tired of it. Now I can't even be bothered to pick up a CoD amaray case. Another one for me is Animal Crossing. I'm sure it will be considered sacrilege for some folks, but AC started to feel like a job after a while. And I already have one of those. : p

The biggest burn out I have right now is the MMO genre, in general. I don't know if I'll ever play another one again.

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There has already been mentions of Dynasty Warriors. For me, it is the ultimate guilty pleasure. DW8 is currently the series high mark, for me. Can't. Stop. Playing it.

A fairly recent release that I enjoyed despite a few middling-to-scathing press reviews and loads of internet backlash was Resident Evil 6. Granted, it didn't dethrone Resident Evil 5 as my personal favorite, but I enjoyed my time with the game, for the most part. I dug the aesthetics, the interconnected stories were equal parts intense and bat-shit loco (as is RE tradition), and I really liked pulling off a bunch of crazy combos in Mercenaries mode.

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I don't think I ever loathed playing something as much as I loathed this.

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I ended up choosing Synthesis, and I don't regret one second of it.

Everyone had their own idea of who Shepard was in their eyes. For me, I just didn't give a damn anymore at that point. I could sit there and wrestle with ethics and morality while the entire universe destroyed itself, or I could simply say 'the hell with you all' and force them into equal footing and new found potential. So that's what I did. Tough titties if you don't like it. Cope. Serves you right for dumping all your problems onto my shoulders in the first place! <flips everyone off, leaves>

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@akyho: Are you sure it wasn't Revolution X from Midway? It didn't feature Alice Cooper, but it did feature Aerosmith, as well as the 'bus in the desert' level you had mentioned.

Here's a vid.

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You're only a loser if you do drugs. Because Only Losers Use! Or something...