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@sin4profit: If you want to try Werewolf, just get the Ultimate Werewolf one. It comes with a bunch of different roles that you can either choose to play with or not. One night Werewolf is a completely different game. You can play one night with far less people than regular werewolf and it takes much less time. One Night Werewolf Daybreak is an expansion to One Night, it can be played by itself but I'd recommend just getting the base game and figuring out if you like it first, then add in Daybreak.

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I just started getting a group of people together fairly regularly to play some board games. We play a lot of Battlestar Galactica. We also just started on Risk Legacy, only 2 games in so we haven't been able to open any of the sealed envelopes. Other games we play; Shadows Over Camelot, Game of Thrones the board game, Space Alert, Merchants and Marauders. And I've got a couple of games that we've yet to try out, but I hope to soon. Dominant Species and Rex: Final Days of an Empire.