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So, I should have phrased my original post differently... I had expressed an interest in the Vita for its Remote Play feature, and then someone gave it to me for Christmas. So I didn't shop around and give it deep, reflective, critical thought. It's a nice gift, and I'd like to get the most out of it.

I do use the Remote Play feature, and I enjoy it a great deal--but only in my own home. I have yet to get it to work outside of my home, anywhere. Yes, I have seen the YouTube videos, forum posts, help posts, etc. explaining how to get it to work outside the home. But it just doesn't work. So, the only time I can use Remote Play is at home...which is fine if I'm fighting someone for the television. But why not just play on the PS4 and my television? But that's beside the point...

I could apologize for my preferences and try to make everyone understand them...but I won't. I don't like brief games or games that are small in scope. I prefer high-quality production value. I like to sink hundreds of hours in to one game. Typically I play fantasy role-playing games. I have put a lot of time in to Dragon Age: Inquisition already. I also play first-person shooters (Destiny, of course) and adventure games. I don't really care for JRPGs. So there you go. I realize many people like many of those kinds of games and spend lots of hours making them. And I'm not saying that they're horrible or dumb or unjustified or Hitler. I just don't enjoy them.

I really like Rogue Legacy and Don't Starve; I've played them on other platforms and downloaded them on the Vita. I've got Minecraft on there, too. I have Persona 4 Golden and Dragon's Crown, but neither has really clicked with me...but I'll keep trying.

So there you go. Could just be a futile effort. But I do appreciate all of your input and feedback. I'll give some of these a try. Thanks.

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I got the Vita for Remote Play, but that's not really working out the way I wanted.

So are there any good game recommendations out there. Specifically, I enjoy playing role-playing games with strong loot and crafting systems. I'm not too big on indie stuff, which I understand the Vita has a lot of.


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Thanks for all of the responses. To answer some questions:

- Direct connect has been turned off between PS4 and Vita.

- I tried everything that Sony recommends. I even set the PS4 to open DMZ instead of just port forwarding.

- My home network was rated as 25 ping/15 down/1.5 up by SpeedTest. And I don't have a problem when connecting that way. PS4 is hard wired by LAN cable in to the modem, and I connect the Vita to home wifi. I can play in other rooms of the house just fine.

So yeah, I'm guessing that any outside connection I use just won't be fast enough. We are in a major metropolitan area with lots of cell traffic. So that idea is a bust, I suppose. I'm open to any suggestions, though. Thanks.

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I'm connecting to different networks--public wifis, my cell phone's internet sharing feature, a mobile hotspot... On average I'm getting 6-7 Mbps down and 2-3 Mbps up. What do the speeds need to be?

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I got a Vita for Christmas from my lovely wife for the sole purpose of Remote Play. It works fine on our home wife (AT&T U-Verse), to which both the PS4 and the Vita are connected.

However, outside of the home, when trying to play over the Internet, it almost always fails. I get the error message, "Could not connect to the PS4 system. The connection speed of this system might be too slow."

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this? Some things I've tried:
- Rebooting the Vita.
- Opening up my modem ports for the PS4 to allow any incoming traffic to access it.
- Rebooting my modem.


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Here is the full text of the email:

There is a new comment in article [Updated 10/11/13 3PM ET] Loss of GTA Online characters, rank, items, apartments, money.

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Just received email from Rockstar Games confirming. Anyone else see this?

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I really want to trick out my off-road truck. But to do that I have to win a bunch of off-road races. And I CANNOT, for the life of me, get anyone to accept invites to an off-road race. I played for maybe four hours last night. And I had to spend most of that time playing deathmatch because it was the only way to connect to people, earn RP, and make money. So how am I supposed to build the car that I want if I can't find anyone to join me in the races that I need to win to unlock the parts?

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I could use some help (i.e. trading wins) in some offroad races. Lost my Rank 23 character, along with my off-road truck and all the upgrades. Now I can't get a single, random person to join me for an offroad race so that I can unlock all the goodies again.

If you care to trade wins in an offroad race, my 360 GT is The Book Nerd.

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