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@demoskinos: I definitely agree with that sentiment, and I apologize if I came off as a stodgy old man trying to lay down the law on "how things should be done," or what have you. It's just that, specifically in my case, that box quickly becomes a pile of boxes (that has refused to leave my room for ~5 years) which I never do anything with and that bring me no joy, until I decide to clean house and free myself of this burden...and suddenly I can't bear to part with it. When the things I think are cool about the box can be distilled into a photograph (or a series of them, to be honest), it helps to ease my mind and let me get rid of things I honestly want gone. It's just a mental block on my part rather than an absolute judgment.

Sorry if I'm oversharing, but I definitely subscribe to the "time you enjoyed is never time wasted" philosophy (as well as whatever corollaries apply to material goods), and I don't want to misrepresent myself.

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@agentboolen: Yeah totally, that's the main reason I stopped. I come from the school of "I LIKE THING. I MUST OBTAIN ALL ITEMS RELATED TO THING," which leads me to buy silly things. Like Steam Trading Cards! (At least those are digital so I don't have to then deal with a physical item) But yeah, none of this stuff has brought me any satisfaction (except trading cards), so I should totally get rid of most of it.

I forget where, but I remember Vinny saying his wife told him to just take a picture of things he was needlessly holding onto, so he'd have a record of it, then to get rid of the actual thing. I've found that very useful advice, especially when fighting insane thoughts like "but this box is so cool."

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@corevi: Hm, there's an idea. I could maybe get some kind of stair-step shelf and stagger them. Most of them are big enough to obscure screen space, but off to the side might work.

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Yo duders,

I've long since stopped doing this (well, I guess the last was TLOU), but over the years I've accumulated a bunch of Collector's/Limited Editions, many of which have figurines or other things meant to be displayed. To be sure, I like things! Mementos and tchotchkes, all that stuff. However, the act of displaying them is kind of daunting to me, so I've left most of them in their boxes. After a couple of moves (while keeping nearly all my crap - I'm bad at this) and some other life trauma this past year, I need to make some drastic changes to my material goods; I either need to sort that stuff into a proper collection, or find some way to get rid of it.

Points of note:

  • Most of it isn't worth very much, so I'm not convinced it's worth the effort to try and sell it. Some of the sealed stuff might be, but that accounts for very little of the pile.
  • I'm not necessarily looking to go full-on monk status and forsake all material possessions - I'm continuing to collect games and whatnot. I'm just looking to trim some of the bulk, either by removing packaging or items entirely.

So what say y'all? How have you handled the crap you've accrued? Any regrets? Shelving tips? I know there's a contingent of folks who always say "just chuck it all," but I'm curious to hear from anyone else who's been there, bid on that, and packed away the signed-and-numbered t-shirt.

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I second the "give her an alternative spot" idea, and would advise combining it with the "leaving the sink on" idea. Cats love new things, so she might just naturally gravitate towards whatever new sleeping surface you put in there, but if you even just leave the sink dripping gently it should provide enough incentive for her to relocate. Or you could fill it with water for a couple nights like the others suggested. Cats are cool, I think the possibility of her drowning in the sink is low (unless you have first-hand experience with such a tragedy). Covering the sink isn't a great solution as you'll then have to cover it every night forever to keep her out - the second you leave it uncovered, she will return.

...But man, I can't imagine having cat doors everywhere. I adore cats (we have four), but cat control is essential to our everyday lives. I'm allergic to them (despite my love, oh the drama), so there are times when I need to keep them out of my room or I will, like, die. Also some of our cats don't get along, and the ability to separate them in different rooms is a lifesaver. We even closed off an open archway between our front and rear living rooms so that we could have more options. It's a bit more work to make sure none of them are trapped in a closet or something (nighttime roll call, also helps to avoid roaming night predators), but it works out pretty well.

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I don't have a 3DS and was looking to jump in on this one; it seems insane that they're targeting people upgrading their existing models, because who outside of the hardest-core are going to do that?

I also wanted the not-XXXXXXXLL version, so this all puts a damper on my enthusiasm. Certainly not obstacles that can't be overcome, but there is a part of me going "wait, what? No, fuck you" instead of "hell yeah let's do this!"

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My TVs have HDMI, Component, Composite. You can get cheap HDMI adapters for Composite A/V, which is probably your best bet if you don't want to spend ~$400 on a Framemeister. Keep in mind that if you want to play PS1 games on your PS2, your TV might not support the 240p signal over HDMI; one of my TV's can handle that, one can't.

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Wow! I'll miss having you around, but I'm sure you wouldn't leave if you weren't excited about whatever you have lined up next. I really did look forward to the morning show, even if I only caught the archives in the evening.


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I drink coffee daily, though during the winter months I enjoy the occasional tea with honey.

Hot cider is my one true love, though I only have it a few months a year. Cold cider in the summer though, when I can get it.

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@nolastname: It isn't what you asked for, but in 2012 I committed to listening to every old Bombcast from before I joined, and that was an absolute joy. It never mattered if it wasn't Tuesday, because there was always more Bombcast! I wrapped that up just before Ryan passed, so I don't know if I could really go back and do it again. If you really want to get a better sense of him as a person, I'd definitely say old Bombcasts are an excellent resource - he was a wonderful host for many years.