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I haven't tried it, but I just got an update notice that the Giant Bomb Video Buddy app had added Chromecast support. Good on that duder!

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I usually stay out of threads like this (not that I'm all that active in the forums anyway, but whatever), but since this one's been resurrected I may as well chip in.

I view my subscription more as a patronage, first and foremost. I have faith that, without financial pressure, they will eventually produce content I'll love more than almost anything. I kind of couldn't care less about wrestling games, even if I'm loving the Power Bombcast (or however it's intercapped), but all of those Sleeping Dogs quick looks were some of my favorite things that I've ever seen. I figure it evens out in the end.

As far as what I get out of it directly, it's the archive downloading that's most important to me. I don't really have the time/availability to watch most things live (unless I schedule a day off, like I've done for console launches), and I hate watching video in a web browser anyway. The user experience of streaming video - not just here, but anywhere - is so exceptionally poor that it's well worth my $50 annually to never deal with it for their content. I really wish Tested would make that available, but since they're YouTube dependent I don't know that they ever will; that's kind of the only reason I don't sub to Tested, and I feel bad about it because I like those dudes.

tl;dr: It isn't about the content, for me - I don't see a distinction between member content and free content, because it all comes through the same RSS feed for me. I subscribe to support what they do, regardless of who else sees it, and for the convenience offered by ad-removal and archive downloading.

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Seems like Podcast Addict [] might be your best bet? It was the first thing that popped up when I searched "authenticated podcast feeds android," so I can't vouch for it. I use Juice [] on PC for all of my video/premium podcast subscriptions, and it works well there; it doesn't help with listening to premium podcasts on the go, but I've just given up on that. I use Pocket Casts [] on both Android and iOS for all my other podcasts needs.

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I was using a Steelseries mechanical keyboard until recently; I hated its stupid key placement, seemingly made by people who never have to type, and it eventually started repeating random keystrokes. Outside of warranty of course. It felt nice to type on, but was a huge annoyance otherwise. I've used Logitech mice for the last several years, and they've been very good to me - the model I have has a scroll wheel lock, so you can undo it and spin it freely.

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I turn it off all the way, because I hear the fan running in standby and it bothers me. Same with the Xbox One, it makes just enough noise to where I notice it, which kills the whole thing. If I didn't have all my consoles in my bedroom, maybe this wouldn't be a problem.

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@abrasion: It might not work well for your specific internet situation, but I use Juice to download videos from the Premium RSS as it supports authenticated feeds. Since it sounds like you can't just leave it on all the time, it might make more sense to just do them one at a time in the manner Fattony described. Also, I don't know how long videos stay in the RSS.

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I remember the credits for Knack being the most jaw-droppingly wretched thing I'd seen/heard at that point.

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I don't have a hard and fast rule; I play until I don't anymore. I'll usually put a game down after a few hours, and if I don't pick it back up...well, even then, I might come back later. I'm obsessive about keeping my save files, so I'll sometimes pick games back up years later, if I remember things well enough.

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It's fine, no worse than when I first got it. That said, mine has an issue where the screen will power off and on for less than a second every once in a while. I haven't figured out why it does it, and can't make it happen on command, but that's the only issue I've noticed - but it did that right when I got it, so whatever. Probably should've sent it in.

I've had really poor performance in every game I've tried playing with it, but it's great for general browsing/email/RSS/podcasts/whatever other task we used to use computers for but tablets are like way easier and this one's pretty good and super cheap.

That's my recommendation then: get a tablet. This one's totally solid and way more affordable than the competition. But maybe wait a month or two for the next one...? YMMV

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My advice would be to avoid the smallest shadows; the ones that only have one shadow in them can sometimes be disproportionately tough (mostly on later floors, they'll put ones with no weaknesses in there), and the XP payout is never worth the effort.

Other than that, avoid the reaper by going up a floor as soon as you're done exploring; I'm not sure how P3 Portable works, but in FES my general strategy was to skip all enemies until I get to the boss floor (to unlock the bi-directional teleporter), then double back to do quests/level up. Since you can jump out to the first floor to restore HP/SP, just bail and save whenever you're getting low. That's tough when your party members get fatigued quickly in the beginning, but I've found it to be a generally useful strategy even then. It's a time-consuming way of doing Tartarus (I'm around floor 110 and my Tartarus runs take me about three to five hours before everyone's exhausted), but it's the most efficient way I've found. I've found myself dramatically overleveled for Story bosses, while still getting tossed around by every other Tartarus boss.

Good luck!