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@mosespippy said:

I think you missed the part where posting youtube videos without context for discussion is considered spam.

Apologies if it comes across this way - I thought a video guide for beginners would be welcomed.

I'll happily remove the post if it's not considered to be within the forum guidelines.

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As you might expect after reading the title of this post:

If you think I missed anything, go ahead and leave a reply. I'm sure new players will appreciate it.

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 Hey there!

As most of you probably know, Rockstar Games' latests release "Red Dead Redemption" has been a huge hit since its recent release. 

The game creates a superb atmosphere that will be enjoyed by the majority of sandbox fans. You will probably be reminded of Grand Theft Auto in some ways but this game is full of originality.

Anyway I' starting to sound like quite the fan boy so I'll stop writing pretty words and just say that if you would like to see my full video review, please follow this link:

Thanks in advance!


P.S I hope you notice some improvement since my earlier videos and make sure to leave me any constructive criticism you feel I need. Amusing comments about my eyebrows are gladly accepted.    

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 Hey there!

I have just completed my review of the new "Just Cause 2" and I have really enjoyed causing mass chaos and finding new ways to make things explode throughout the game.

If you would like to check it out please follow this link:

I am still new to the reviewing process so any constructive feedback will be taken gladly.

Thanks in advance