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I guess that was all right, it was no shattering frozen ship.

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Man that new Fate/Stay Night show is pretty great so far. I havent seen the original but i watched and loved Fate/Zero and the first 3 episodes have have really surprised me.

Was looking around this thread for a new show and started watching Chaika, started witht the first episode of season 2 by accident but it was a fun show. Went and watched the first episode of season 1 and really enjoyed it

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I'm gonna bump this because I didn't get into any of the groups and still really wanna do the raid and I know there's others out there who want to as well.

if you still want to do a raid im looking for 3 more people right now on ps4 if you want to join. Send a message to thebunnyhunter6

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Here comes the Giantbomb re-branding to Gamespot

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Akame ga Kill: They didn't just kill off the best character in the show, did they. I dont want to live in a world without Bols .

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Hey dudes, club servers are up more frequently than not (for me at least) so I thought it was time to put my club out, its called CHINA DONT CARE. I made it in the brief period where servers were up on launch day and it has since been filled with people looking for a China based club instead of the intended GB duders, so once I kick them I got a few spots left, just look for it in game and request to join if full, and maybe send a psn message to thebunnyhunter6 so I know you're legit.

On a side note I am really liking this game despite the rough launch. Its missing some things ( i really wish there was a forza style vinyl editor and a good emblem editor) but I really like how it handles and plays.

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Man for some reason I love how stupid the roaches look in Terraformars, those abs and the blank stares mixed with their brutality brings a smile to my stupid face. I do wish it was uncensored but it does give it some weird charm so i dont mind too much.

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I would pay off my college loans and then go back to finish my degree. I would buy my Mom a modest house and my sisters decent cars. I would pay for them to go to college. After that I would save/invest the rest, maybe after buying the best PC money can buy for me and some friends.

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Im loving Crypt of the Necrodancer, great addictive soundtrack and a neat rouge-lite

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Ive already pre-ordered (against my better judgement) and was thinking about making a GB club but then found out the limitations, it being only 6 people. There can always be a GBEast and some other GB related clubs. I would put my name in for one here but im gonna make a club for me and a friend then post it here later if any others would like to join.