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I quite like my Sony Wireless Stereo headset. Im no audiophile but they sound great for me. It has easy to reach mute, volume, and game/voice balance sliders. The battery is pretty great in them and the mic quality is good. I can wear them for long periods of time and dont find them to be irritating. It works with PS3/PS4/PC and its only 99 bucks, although you might find them for less since they are the older model. I tried Sony's Gold headset and didnt like them as much.

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I dont regret my purchase. I find everything that is not story related to be pretty awesome. Im really enjoying the Crucible multiplayer and doing Strike missions.

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While i do love Borderlands 2 the Pre-Sequels 4 main classes and setting does nothing for me. Oh wow a whole game on the moon, that sounds doesn't sound great. Everything ive seen about the 4 classes makes them look less fun then the ones in 2. The new frost element and new laser weapon type sounds fun and the low gravity (suck it Destiny) environment might make me pick it up if my friends pick it up. I do wish it was just on PS4 though, i dont really want to buy anymore PS3 games.

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I would imagine it would be a duck hunting game based around using Duck calls and other hunting things their company Duck Commander makes, basically a big ad for more of their shit. But then again it does say based on the A&E show so maybe its a business management game.

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I think most things in this game is great: Gunplay, Multiplayer, Visuals, Music, and settings are all amazing. Jeff has it right with mission structure though: Go to place, shoot waves of enemies, deploy Ghost, shoot waves of enemies, done. While i don't mind the structure since i love shooting dudes in this game it definitely could of been way more inventive. The real problem is how it tells its story, which it never really does (especially that ending: Woo i shot some dudes at this place and now the Traveller is OK again? ) Everything relating to Peter Dinlidge as the Ghost is terrible, it could be they told him to be emotionless like a robot but it just comes across as him just phoning it in. It makes it worse that he is the main source of the story, giving tidbits about the history of the world here and there. It is disappointing since the universe is pretty interesting and full of potential. I still find this to be a great game and hope that Destiny 2 finds a better way to tell its story.

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I fully understand why Mojang would sell for 2 billion but why would Microsoft pay that much? Are they going to make a Minecraft 2 and try to recapture that?

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Boggles my mind that people use the white site, uncivilized heathens ignorant to the joys that the black site brings

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Just watched Oblivion, and while the twist was pretty predictable it was a good movie. I really liked the music. I thought this movie was supposed to be really bad but i guess i mixed this up with After Earth. 4/5 Morgan Freemans