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Dynamic Themes always seemed like a great idea but there are so many shit ones i dont even bother, but those FFX and Jouney ones look great...I still have a Journey one on my PS4. I hope this can showcase the better done of the dynamic themes.

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Dishonored was my favorite game of 2012 but i thought it was all but confirmed last year. Dishonored is great i could play it another 6 times

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Been recently wanting to replay Super Meat Boy on pc again, but i guess ill wait for the trophies.

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Id love to try Empire Total War, its always neat when someone is kine enough to do these things

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Man this is the first time in any game where im listening and exploring all the dialog, reading everything i come across, just paying attention to it all unlike other RPGs of this kind where i just didnt care about anything that was going on (grhmm Skyrim). I only just fought the griffin but im finding everything about this game amazing.

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I totally forgot Jojo could be so brutal.

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Well fuck i wanted to show that to a friend and forgot to redownload it. I hope it shows up again somehow.

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I used the Ax Cleaver up until i killed that gattling gun bitch and got the Stake Driver. It was love at first sight with that weapon, i liked the movesets when it was "unloaded" and "loaded" and the "loaded" charge attack was just so great when it would hit. Towards the end of my run in the Chalice Dungeons i switched to Ludwigs Holy Blade for bosses entirely for the greatsword, i desperately needed the range for a couple fights and the Stake Drive lacks any range.

As for guns i chose to start with the blunderbuss and was happy with it, switched it out for the pistol in chalice dungeons and found parrying to be much easier with it. weird

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Watched "The Babadook" about a week ago and its become one of my favorite horror movies, i love the characters and it has a good sense of dread and some really creepy moments. Saw that its now on Netflix so check it out. 5/5 creepy books

I just watched "What We Do In the Shadows" and that is one of the funniest movies ive seen a long time. Went in knowing nothing and expecting horror and was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a horror-ish comedy. 5/5 vampires

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Man fuck Amygdala in the third level of the defiled chalice dungeon, been fighting that bitch for 2 nights and fuck. The first two are easy its just when she pulls her arms off where i cant get a good attack in. I