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Just listening to him trying to make egg whites with the shells, that with this weeks dmv mishaps and his story about fucking up his vision makes him the most adorable dumb bastard.

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At least October wont be as packed

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@spyder335: I got one you can have, pm'd it to you

Also have an extra copy of Bioshock if anyone wants it

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@golguin: Might as well try out Aldnoah.Zero its on crunchyroll, I think its pretty rad and has tons of promise. While i was disappointed at the CG mechs in Aldnoah.Zero i found the second episode to be great. Fucking Martians man, they are Dicks.

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I've been mostly lucky with saves for the most part, there are two that come to mind for me. One is FFX, I was at the Seymore battle at Macalania when my save shit its self. I was so pissed and did the only sane thing, I marathon-ed that game for the rest of the day/night to get back to where i was and then some. I also lost my Batman Arkham Asylum save a few months ago and had to start that over which i didnt mind at all, that game is the best.

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Started watching No Game No Life and im loving it, not at all what i expected it to be. Also got around to the first episodes of Toradora, Mekaku City Actors, and Tokyo Ghoul and enjoyed them all.

@gnatsol: The first episode of Aldnoah.Zero is great and what it sets up seems really promising

Oh man i just finished No Game, No Life and I just want more right now

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I used to hate mustard but as I grew i came to love it. Each is great in the right condition. Hell i cant eat a hotdog without some now.

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Man I really loved Days of Future Past but its been a long time since ive seen X1 and X2.

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Man there are PS3/360 versions? Kind of bummed about that but on the bright side now most of my friends can play it, still will probably go with the ps4 version though

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Just watched the first episode of Aldnoah.Zero and i really like the universe they set up. If this show doesnt fuck up somehow, i think it can really be amazing. Also that ending, goodbye New Orleans

I guess ill go watch Sword Art Online 2, it cant possibly be worse than the second half of the first one.....can it?