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Aldnoah.Zero is fantastic

Other fantastic options is Kill la Kill, Akame ga Kill, Chaika the Coffin Princess, and No Game No Life

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Akame ga Kill episode 20 was great, Ill miss you lubba, but from what i saw on the comments is that they skipped a whole bunch of manga stuff. Really looking forward to next weeks episode though.

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Where are the puppies Rorie? Where are they?!?! (hope i win)

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Who would of thought that Lubbock was such a badass with his strings, this whole time i thought he was just a pervert.

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Im still playing Destiny like a madman, just got my second character up to a respectable level since i had 3 pieces of legendary gear for him. Gonna keep playing this until Monday.

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I bought Ghost but only beacuse my friend had an extra season pass and game code from when BestBuy had an error and was selling them for 1cent. My god even though i only paid $20 for them around launch it was a mistake. The only other COD i bought was Black Ops 2, which was really great. I played my roommates MW2 in college though. I think i might do the preorder on AW because it looks really fun and i want that preload.

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Tried it out earlier and its pretty neat. I shared out Destiny to a friend in the party chat and he said it was perfectly playable. I also like how i can just share my stream and they can watch without a delay.

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Hell i guess im buying this again, maybe good sales will lead to a 4th installment on non portable devices

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Man this and the price drop makes me really want a XBone, if I didn't have to have my car repaired I would probably get one. Perhaps it will release on PC some day.

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Good move, made me want to buy that Sunset Overdrive bundle (that white Xbone looks great) but then I figured I would be better served with a better video card since I already have a ps4. I do wonder if Sony will react in any way.