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Im still upset for not remembering No Game No Life came out last year and not voting for it. Glad Kill la Kill was number on again, Giantbomb's Anime of the Year 2 years running, can it get to 3?

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I had a plasma hooked up to my pc for the longest time and its fine if you just want to use it for media and games. Text is the problem i ran into, had to crank up some settings for it to be alright on the eyes. Its definitely not optimal but it will work but i would suggest switching it out for a proper monitor when you can.

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Just spent $5.99 for Metal Gear Rising Revengence. Was set on not buying anything this time around but since i sold my ps3 recently and wanted a good action game so i re-bought it.

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  1. Aldnoah.Zero
  2. Kill la Kill
  3. Akame ga Kill
  4. Chaika the Coffin Princess
  5. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Wait No Game No Life and Samurai Flamenco was this year?, i fucked up hard though by not including them. .

If i could redo it all it would be

  1. Aldnoah.Zero
  2. No Game No Life
  3. Akame ga Kill
  4. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
  5. Samurai Flamence
  6. Devil is a Part Timer *I know it came out last year but its too good not to mention*

I really do love Kill la Kill, like so fucking much, but i voted for it last year and dont consider it coming out this year.

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Was looking for something to watch on Netflix and found Devil is a Part Timer, and damn that show is so good. Binged on all 13 episodes and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. Also started to rewatch Welcome to the NHK and Anohana again because i want to cry.

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Some podcast that do some commentaries, i know im missing a major one but cant think of it.

  • Lasertime: Commentaries are only available for a limited time with donation, wish they had the other packs for sale because they are quite funny
  • The Comedy Button: Some free, some paid
  • Filmsack: All free all the time, its pretty rare for them to do a commentary...usually they just talk about a bad movie
  • We Hate Movies: A few paid commentaries......usually they just talk about a bad movie

Not a Podcast but Redlettermedia has a few available for purchase as well.

If you want to hear people talk about bad movies i strongly suggest subscribing to The Flophouse, We Hate Movies, and Filmsack. And watch best of the worst over at Redlettermedia.

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Oh fuck yeah, I would like to see Terminator 3. But yeah i love whenever my other podcast do commentaries and now GB does them, they are something that i would even pay more for.

On a side not i watched MacGruber last night and of course Dan loves that damn movie...I thought it was alright.

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Aldnoah.Zero is fantastic

Other fantastic options is Kill la Kill, Akame ga Kill, Chaika the Coffin Princess, and No Game No Life

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Akame ga Kill episode 20 was great, Ill miss you lubba, but from what i saw on the comments is that they skipped a whole bunch of manga stuff. Really looking forward to next weeks episode though.

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Where are the puppies Rorie? Where are they?!?! (hope i win)