Anything new? :D

Well, other than the usual gaming. Gaming. And more gaming. And hoping for more games this Christmas.

Well, here's my list of games, but I'll post them in order of want:

1. Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
2. Dead Space
3. Far Cry 2
4. Fallout 3
5. Need for Speed: Undercover

And there's more, but I haven't gotten around to looking into them.

Also, Oblivion is back in my system again. Tons of mods always make the PC version shine over the consoles. :P


SWAT 4 - "Police! Hands in the air!"

It's probably one of the most tactically thrilling action FPS out there. It's not comparable to something, like say, CoD4. But the thrill it provides is still there. Having your men stack up on a door is probably cooler than blowing someone's head off in a spectacular fashion. At least, in my opinion. And when you tell them to mirror under the door and reply:

"One suspect, armed, sir. Your call."

Anything can happen. It keeps you on your edge, and that's why this game rocks. And since the game also has a random scenario generator (meaning that the number of suspects/civilians in each mission is always different each time you play it), you can definitely expect to be sweating a cold one for quite a while. ;)


Addicted to another MMO: Ragnarok Online

Private servers, because I can't afford the P2P fee the official one has. :P

It's pretty cool, the game has a lot of replayability (I'm still trying to unlock the awesome high damage weapons for the Gunslinger), and being a High Wizard is pretty fun. The Cursed Abbey is also like a freakishly good high level partying spot... there's always parties running here and there. It's awesome.



My First Blog!

Well, as of my writing right now, now one's added me yet. If you did, you're probably from Gamespot.

Uh, hi. :D And does anybody know how big the avatar can be on this site? Thanks.