Today, I buried my best friend of 12 years.

Best friend in the world right here. 
My dog Chase hadn't been doing too well over the past few months, getting old and slowing down. 
But just last week he got much worse and stopped eating, didn't want to go on walks, and generally slept all the time. He would only eat if I hand fed him his food from the bowl. Having all money going towards bills, I didn't have enough to take him to a vet earlier to see if it was just old age (he was 12 1/2) or if it were something that could be fixed. Yesterday, I knew it would be soon as he was just getting worse and worse. So I made him a steak and cut it up into small pieces so he could eat it easily, didn't eat a whole lot of it but if dogs could talk I'd bet they would all agree steak is a nice meal. When I woke up this morning around 8AM he was already gone, I'm a very light sleeper and he didn't wake me up even once so I'm hoping that means he went without much pain. My brother did some nice Buddhist prayers for him too. For most of the day I was in shock or something I guess, despite being so prepared and expecting it to happen any day now. After burying him and finally dealing with everything and thinking back on it all, he had a good life. I wish I had more money to better take care of him but it's better than most pets get in a lower class situation I suppose. 
Having been with him since I was 7 years old (19 now) it's kind of hard thinking about how it'll be without him around. I'm just glad I found a disc with pictures of him on it from when he was around 6-7, it'll be nice to have those. I added most of them to a gallery  here, take a look if you want.

I think my blanket is cursed.

I just got a new blanket for the winter. A really big and heavy blanket. 
I've had it for 4 days and each night since I've started using it I've had horrifying/creepy dreams.  
I keep waking up and having to stay up for a bit so I don't fall back into the same dream.  
I hope I'm wrong about all this and it's just my diet or something because the blanket was like 20$. 
It's just past midnight now and I'm super tired, wish me luck.  
I'll be updating the situation in the morning.  
*UPDATE* Once again, crazy dreams. I didn't eat anything before bed either. I've had the heaters on all night so I can sleep later tonight without the blanket and see if it still happens without it. I really don't want to have to take it back for a refund with the excuse of "It's cursed, man".