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I find it really difficult to regain control of the Foxbat after doing a few flips in a trick, but maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Other than that, it's neat, silly fun, and making it entirely physics-based fits in with the rest of the game.

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From what red lynx said on a live stream they did on twitch on the editor that all of the videos for evolution work for Fusion, but they would be doing new ones in the future. I drove myself crazy too looking for it.

That's the link to all of the evolution ones together hope that helps!


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PS4 - TheCheese33

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Has anyone found the tutorials for the Editor? I went to the YouTube channel they mention in-game ( but I can't find any tutorials for the Trials Fusion editor.

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But at the same time, games are already kinda under priced for their value. I mean, $15 is a low quality dinner or a 3D film. Those are over a lot faster then almost all video games.

I mean, Blackjack at Vegas can be $25 a hand! Minimum! I dunno. When you are younger and don't have a job I can get where you are coming from, but I just don't worry about price that much anymore. And whenever I do, that's what steam sales are for.

I'm with you. I'm not raking in six digits or anything, but $15 for an experience that I can return to over and over seems like a good deal to me. I understand not having a lot of spending money, but saying a game isn't worth something doesn't seem like the solution. I mean, this isn't Angry Birds Star Wars here. $15 seems totally reasonable to me.

I never understand this thinking. There are certain standards for pricing that we are used to and game companies should adhere to. You can apply this sort of "time x investment" logic inversely as well: I had a lot of fun playing Gears of War during it's 8-10hr campaign, but I also had a ton of fun playing Black Flag for over 40hrs, so maybe Black Flag should cost $80 instead of $60 - I mean, I got a ton more gameplay out of it didn't I?

Now in this games case I'd wager $15 isn't highway robbery but it should probably be $10. On the other hand Gone Home costing $20 was ridiculous and Samurai Gunn should literally be like $5. If your game is an indie pixel art side scroller, that doesn't boast some sort of really MIND blowing pixel art, and is about an hour or two long, it should be priced around $10. There are certain iPhone Appstore games that offer ten times as much value and cost a dollar.

I'm sorry, but who made you the person who decides what is or isn't worth $15? Hour per dollar has always been a bullshit way to determine value, and so is "indie pixel art" or whatever. Also, treating every game like it needs to fit some "one size fits all" pricing would keep awesome games like this from releasing in the first place. This person poured their blood, sweat and tears into a game FOR FOUR YEARS, made one hell of a dueling game that is hardly like anything we usually see today, and you're going to turn up your nose and act like you know better just because it doesn't have a 500 hour campaign and a $60 million budget?

Like it or not, creators have to make a living. They shouldn't be denied that just because they don't jump through whatever arbitrary hoops you construct.

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@conmulligan: It has nothing to do with women, I'm talking about Patrick's using giantbomb as his outlet to force feed horse shit gender politics down everyone's throats.

There's nothing "horse shit" about being a decent human being. I truly hope that you understand that someday.

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The hilarious part about all the GTA 5 criticism is that the game actually parodies the non issue slacktivist agendas against gaming these days. Apparently these agenda addled western crusaders dont like that very much

Or maybe the game just isn't that funny? I played through the whole thing. I had a great time playing it, but the humor was pretty terrible.

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Ugh, I need to stop reading the comments on these stories. The misogyny and sexism present in our community is too depressing.

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Most of the video responses to Anita Sarkeesian's video aren't interested in actually discussing the topic. They just want to discuss her, and try to discredit her. It's pathetic.