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I'm convinced that part of the reason this show was created was to act as a small "Fuck you" to the Nostalgia Critic for all that aggro Doug Walker gave him when TW claimed copyright infringment. Heck, this show is even based around doing a Let's Play with boring ass commentary, much like a lot of the content found at Y'know, if that was the only reason the Tommy Wi-Show was made, then this is already a success regardless of quality.

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No feature name ideas, but a suggestion for a character name. 
Ton Ka'Chruk 
No, too on-the-nose? Too lame and geeky? At the very least I'd like to see them type it in, just to see if it's already been taken. You can't say that wouldn't be funny as shit to see live.
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@drag said:

"maybe you should have to put lightning rods up to stop lightning hitting other, flammable things. "


Or simply not make lightning destroy anything and keep it as an aesthetic choice, or only allow it to supercharge/alter mobs. Having forests constantly catching fire and discovering your own home burnt to cinders while you were out looking for a mine just seems completely unfair to me. I also don't like the idea of having to create dozens of ugly ass rods around my creations with the constant fear that if I don't space them correctly BOOM everything will be gone in an instance.


In all fairness I'm probably being too scornful about this. There are ways of retrieving save files (I couldn't in this case since it was our groups multiplayer server) and someone out there is probably making a mod that'll allow you to turn off weather. That is, until Mojang makes another update that screws up everyones previous mods and kits. Thats the wonders of playing a game still in development I guess. Also, note to Notch; Beta is the phrase of the development process where you start removing glitches, not constantly adding shit to the game. Try to focus on getting the game to run smoothly and making existing elements bug free instead of worrying about rain/snow. At this point the community has the content side covered.    

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Spent 5-6 hours trying to build a replica of a hot air balloon with multiple colours of wool last Friday, then it started to pour down with rain. I hear a thunder clap closer than usual, then I turn around and see a block on fire. The whole thing burns down. To cut a long story short...





Why he thought to add a gameplay element that goes against one of the largest appeals of the game is beyond me. Oh sure, half of everything ever created by everyone in Minecraft is flammable, but it's totally OK because Notch thought it would be cool that when zombies are struck they turn into pigmen. That's super justifiable.  


Don't really have any complaints about the Achievements/Statistics tracking though, except with the first batch being a tad predictable and downright insultingly easy to get. If there's one thing the single player portion of the game needs, it's more directions and goals to aim for.


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I don't know whether to be glad or disappointed that no one else has made this one yet. It was the first thing to come to mind as I was reading the rules.

Looks like the odds are 'stacked' in his favor, ha ha ha, ha... I'm a cretin.
My desired platform is PS3.
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Glad to see Giamtbomb's 2010 Worst Trend is still in full effect within the first few months of 2011. Because, yeah, that shit's always welcomed!  
Well, at least these are only temporary, very trivial bonuses, and the actual tangible content is available for everyone who feels the obligation to preorder. Y'know, the way it should be. *cough*
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@PenguinDust said:
"@stinky:  No, there's a pretty entertaining commercial on air where I guy "shreds" with his entire house.  But, TH peaked with #3 ages ago and it's been (excuse the pun) all downhill since.   The peripheral being broken-out-of-the-box doesn't help the franchise any.  If they want to fix the franchise, in my opinion, they need to go back to the basics in one sense and make it less about skateboarding if that makes any sense.  Maybe something like InFamous but the way you get around is by skateboarding, however that's not the focus of the story. 

The ending to this commercial just summed up the current status of this whole franchise in one word. Tony Hawk himself simply standing there and saying, "Really?" 
It's so perfect it's hard not to be sardonic towards it.