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It was a decent showing games-wise, but the most interesting games to me were all multiplatform titles. And of the confirmed XBox One exclusives, most of the ones that were interesting to me (Quantum Break & Insomniac's game) were too far off to know what they would really be.

The only thing that looked cool near launch was Forza, but the big innovation they talked about just seems like the system that Real Racing 3 uses on mobile devices mixed with an improved version of the Drivatar learning AI that they have had since THE ORIGINAL FORZA on the ACTUAL Xbox 1!

Leaving aside the issues of XBL Gold paywalls and the always online DRM and the used games restrictions, there wasn't anything that was compelling enough to make me want an XBox One anytime soon.

And for that pricetag, it certainly won't be an impulse purchase. That would actually get me most of the way to a new computer next year that would be truly competitive with next-gen consoles.

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@rorie: DO IT! If you make and upload a few installments when the rest of the crew isn't around, and they do alright, no one's going to stop you!

Also, even if you don't get this to be content on the site, I would recommend turning on SSAO and anti-aliasing with DSfix. Even at 720p, they will make the image look cleaner and make the environment feel more grounded due to better shadowing. It's worth noting that any framerate issues you might have in Blighttown will most likely be CPU-bound, judging from my personal experience and much of the community chatter about the PC version, so changing graphics settings won't make much of a difference in affecting performance there.

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@washingmachine: Apparently Codemasters did some analytics on their products and saw that cockpit view was only being used 1-2% of the time (or by 1-2% of players, can't remember which) and decided to not make cockpits for this game.

I would consider their conclusion to be flawed though, considering how many people have voiced their disappointment at the lack of cockpits. Personally I never used cockpits in past Codemasters games because I never found them to be all that well done, while I do use them in other games that do cockpits better.

It certainly isn't a dealbreaker for me, but it is disappointing that they chose to do away with them rather than bring them up to par with other racing games.

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Same here - I can't download anything but the recent Quick Looks.

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Patrick's continued insistence that all stealth games are intrinsically bad (except for Mark of the Ninja). Yes, they have learning curves, just like every game, and those curves are often steeper than average for stealth games, but no decent stealth game relies on trial and error to solve every situation in the entire game. If the player is relying on trial and error throughout the entire game, then they are not thinking ahead or being patient at all.

Jeff's hate of Red Dead Redemption and Dark Souls, despite having played very little of either game. He insists up and down that those are both definitively bad games, despite having only played Dark Souls for half an hour and Red Dead for not more than that. It isn't that he holds those opinions that is annoying ( I would still disagree), it is that he presents it as the truth rather than an opinion based on very little experience with the game. There's a large difference between saying, "It didn't appeal to me early on and I don't want to go back to it. It just isn't for me." and saying "It's a bad game." As someone who is a veteran in the field of game reviewing, I would think that he should be able to tell the difference between first impressions and a full review and temper his opinions as such.

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Since when have stealth games been "niche," exactly?

Many of the stealth games released in the past 15 years have been multi-million sellers. The Metal Gear franchise has sold 30+ million copies. Splinter Cell has sold over 20 million copies, of which most weren't the watered down stealth game that was Conviction. The Hitman series has sold over 8 million copies of its' games. The latest big stealth game to be released, Deus Ex: HR, sold 3 million copies and the original sold near that too. Also, while Assassin's Creed is focusing less and less on stealth, there are still heavy stealth elements in the series, and it has been the fastest selling new IP of this generation!

Sure, when compared up against the sales of the most broadly appealing (and, not coincidentally, most bland) first and third person shooters that dominate sales charts these days, the sales of stealth games fall short. Does that make EVERY game that isn't a bland, catch-all shooter a niche title? No!

Just because most publishers have shied away from the challenge of making a stealth-heavy game this generation when it is easier (and more profitable) to make a shooter doesn't mean that the sizable audience for stealth games has suddenly vanished since the beginning of this console generation.

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Everyone knows what Minecraft is by now. Also, any MP shenanigans on the console version can easily be topped on the PC version.
Starhawk is more than "just another third person shooter" and deserves recognition for that. It is genuinely innovative original IP and it has precious little hype for what it does.

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That'll show them to peacefully use their Constitutionally-protected right to free speech! Never mind the hundreds of laws the NYPD has broken in the past week that have galvanized the movement. Actually, the more that NYPD harasses and beats peaceful agitators/protesters, the more that they prove OWS's point that those with money and power don't have to follow the law like everyone else does and are accountable to no one. So, don't be surprised if you start seeing more people in later videos if the NYPD starts acting like the dogs you want them to act like.

Then again, I shouldn't expect a realistic perspective on OWS matters from a NY Post reader. On top of their generally lousy reporting, the OWS coverage in all Murdoch-owned media has been heavily slanted. The first sentence of that article calls them a "mob," which has a violent connotation, when in reality the protests have been largely peaceful despite having no central organization. Can't even get past the first sentence without spinning things.

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A rental is great for Dark Souls because the game has an extremely steep learning curve for the first six hours or so (up to ringing the first bell). Many players may not be able to adapt enough and learn enough to make it to the first bell. If you can't do that, the rest of the game is useless to you.

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The real news here, for me, is that Gamestop still sold PC games!

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