"Mid-core" gamers ..do they really exist?

...Do "Mid-core" gamers really exist, what are they? is the term "Mid-core" a real way of describing a type of gamer (if they or the term exists) ?

I mean wt have Hardcore gamer and we have Causal (Soft-core) Gamers but wt do we call gamers that don't fit in to any of those two labels ?

what you think put you thought below.... happy gaming (^_ ^)


Huge Steam Sale


  Todays deal is a collection of deal from previous days
 All Game & Add-ons from the F.E.A.R. franchise 75% off 
Lara Croft 66% off 
Bad Company 2 66% off 
The Witcher  75% off 
 All Games & Add-ons for Borderlands 50% off 
Modern Warfare 2 50%off 
Assassin’s Creed 2 50% off  
Dead Rising 2 50% off 
All Games & Add-ons from the Mass Effect franchise 50% off 
Wings Of Prey 80% off 
DarkSiders 75%  
Super Meat Boy 75% off 

Previous days 

  25th December  

  X Superbox 66% off 
  Monkey Island  Special   Edition  1 & 2 Bundle 75% off    

  All Game & Add-ons from the Splinter Cell franchise 50% off

  ·   Flatout- 90% OFF

·  Tropico 3 Gold Edition- 70% OFF

·   Altitude- 75% OFF

·   Shank- 50% OFF

·   Civilization 5- 25% OFF

    Modern Warfare 2- 50% OFF

     All Game & Add-ons from the   Red Faction Guerilla  franchise  - 75& Off

Dragon Age Complete Edition- 50% OFF

 Batman Game Of The Year Edition- 75% OFF

   All Game & Add-ons from the Flatout franchise   90% off  

24th December  Christmas Eve 


  •  Battlefield 2: Complete Edition- 75% OFF
  • ARMA 2- 75% OFF
  • King Arthur: Complete Edition - 85% OFF
  • Torchlight- 75% OFF
  • Sam & Max: Devils Playhouse- 71% OFF
  • Devil May Cry 4- 50% OFF
  • Counter Strike: Source- 75% OFF
  • Fallout New Vegas: 40% OFF (45% off if you have Fallout 3f)
  •  All Games & Add-ons for Borderlands - 50% OFF
  • Saints Row 2- 75% OFF
  •   All Game & Add-ons from the Overlord franchise  75% OFF
  • Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon- 75% OFF    

 23th December


  • Darksiders- 75% OFF
  • Blur- 50% OFF
  • Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition- 50% OFF
  • Wings of Prey- 80% OFF
  • Deathspank- 50% OFF
  •   All Games & Add-ons from the Silent Hunter franchise- 66% OFF
  • Patrician IV: Special Edition- 75% OFF
  • Dead Rising 2- 50% OFF
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising- 85% OFF
  • Alpha Protocol- 75% OFF
  •   All Games & Add-ons from the Mass Effect franchise- 50% OFF
  • Risen- 50% OFF

22nd December


 Aliens vs. Predator (2010) – £3.75 
Assassin’s Creed 2 – £9.99, £8 if you own Assassin’s Creed. 
Bully: Scholarship Edition – £2.50 
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – £9.99 
Clones – £2.99 
Day of Defeat: Source – £1.50 
Just Cause 2 – £5 
Railworks 2 – £4.50 
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale – £4.22 
Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack – £12.49 
Trials HD 75% off
Zuma’s Revenge! – £6      
 All Game & Add-ons from the Spore franchise 75% off      

 21st December 

Aion: Assault on Balaurea -75%,  off
Resident Evil 5 -66% off
PuzzleQuest: Challenge of the Warlords -85%off
The Polynomial - Space of the Music -75%off
Defence Grid: The awakening -80% off
Burnout Paradise: The ultimate box -75% off
Disciples III - Renaissance Steam Special Edition -75% off
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Director's Cut -75% off
Bioshock 2 -50% off
All Games From the Gothic Franchise -50% off
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light -66% off
Men of War: Gold Edition -75% off

20th December  


F1 2010 – 50% off
Battlefield Bad Company 2 – 66%
Fallout 3 (Game of the Year) – 33%
The Deus Ex Collection – 85%
LEGO Batman – 75%
Peggle & Peggle Nights – 60%
Prince of Persia (Franchise) – 75%
Portal – 75%
 (85% off if you owned Half Life 2)
F.E.A.R. (Franchise) – 75%
Titan Quest Gold – 75%
Super Meat Boy – 75%
Oddworld’s Oddboxx – 50%

Is It Me....

Is it me or is giant bomb getting boring, what I mean by this is that i cant fnid anything to do on the sight ass i have done most of what there is to do for a non paid member. 
tell me what you think below. (^  _^)


I'm I Not Well Like (?_?), I May Have Unleaded The Trolls Again

Is it me ...

   it me of do you lot on Giant bomb not like me, is it just my imagination or the trolls (I have already been at war with the trolls of GB ant I ant trying t start that argument up again) (>_<), basically what I am asking is does the general populous of the Giant Bomb community actuality like me, yes I Know I can be really annoying and my grammar/spelling is not perfect (trust me I have a reason for that and it is  not what you think but i'm not going to tell you exactly what is it) but can't you give me some slack please, I mean are you really Shakespeare hmmm (?_?)... I didn't think so(-_-),      

I'm quite a nice person if you met me... 

I'm quite a nice person if you met me i real life that is i try not be be any of the things that I think I am  (the things i stated above), I try hard I really do but on the internet as you and be absolutely anyone (u never know i could be British PM David Cameron (^_^) or i could be Gary from across the block) but that is the beauty of the interment you see. you should not really judge a person anyway. 

Now it your turn....

Now it your turn, I am actually well like on GB or is it just me (?_?) .

2011- the year of Capcom

Is it me or do I see next year being filled/ruled by capcom Crossover Fighters such as: Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and Street Fighter X Tekken (a.k.a Capcom vs Namco Bandi 2)

 I Don't see This as a bad Things...

I Don't see This as a bad Things as I'm looking forward to how SF X T works out (it will probably be very good as it will be street fighter 4 just will tekken fighters and stages ), I am excited  for both games but MVC3 more so i cant wait to get my hands on Dante & Deadpool

my wishes for MVC3

for MVC3 I just which that we get fighters that have not been in a MVC game before (such as Nightcrawler, Carnage, and Jedah) and that when waiting in an online lobby you get something to do rather then just wait. 

 My wishes for SF X T

 for SF X T i just want them to get the tekken roster right and include Yoshimutsu, Hehatchi and Devil Jin.

To Finish

 to finish what do you think of next year will it have to many fighters or will it be a fantastic year of bringing back the fighting genre back to the for front (probably eradicating the FPS)

trolls i hate thee


Is it just me or do trolls find it fun to make other GB users lives on GB a misery, I say this because I am currently being bothered by a toll the breed of troll is one of the grammar and speculation type (you know the 1s that through a strop if you make one grammar mistake). cant we all just get along and play nicely because if we don't godwins law will happen (someone will be liken to a Nazi and/or Hitler) and we do not want that now do we children (*_*). I suggest that if any one has a problem they contact the mods    

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