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@Xeiphyer said:

As far as business people are concerned, no. But yes, I would describe a "Mid-core" person as somebody who plays "real" games, and keeps up with news and culture somewhat, but is too busy to play all that often. I know several people who fit that description.

I to fit in to the aforementioned term as a play a fair bit of casual game such as PVZ and peggle but i also liek some hard core stuff like fallout 3/new vegas, left for dead 2, fighting games and portable game for mt 3DS (such as Crush3d, Resident Evil: Revelations ect. ).

I see that my blog has got quite a response from my blog post with quite different and strong opinions from "we should not use labels" to hey the term "mid-core" may not exists but i kind of get what this guys on about as i kind of understand the term, it describes me (in some of my gaming ways/habits). there have been some who have take the "no labels" attribute and that is fine (but it quite contradictory to use the mid-core term to describe ones self as midcore if you object to use labels....this is my opinion).

Now let end on a happy note in saying thank you for commenting in (and about) my blog post its been really funny and insightful into the mins of GB users and gamers a like \(^ - ^)/.

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...Do "Mid-core" gamers really exist, what are they? is the term "Mid-core" a real way of describing a type of gamer (if they or the term exists) ?

I mean wt have Hardcore gamer and we have Causal (Soft-core) Gamers but wt do we call gamers that don't fit in to any of those two labels ?

what you think put you thought below.... happy gaming (^_ ^)

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*insert a witty comment here sometime in the next century....

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@Little_Socrates:  it think its ok the look is cleaner but it is a pain to find what i am looking for
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giant bomb has really change in  the last 4 month since i last logged in :P, it just goes to show how the internets evolve over time when your not jacked in :P

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well it ?

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@sammo21:  fair dos  i do get what your point is and i am actually a big f2p mmo player i play league of legends, although i have silded of how much im playing. i dont know if i would like eve ether i know my tutor plays it and it does become f2p once you start playing well, i would give it a whirl but i cant be bothered to wait 6 hours while it downloads from steam oh wait i for got i dint have to download it from steam my bad (*_*) (^_^)
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@sammo21: sorry i have a tendency to reply before reading and i don't think i will continue playing WoW after my trial has ended in  about 10 days ,  its not that i dont like it its just i don't see why its so addictive
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@sammo21:  i keep at it until my trial is up and in NOT tolling i just saying i dont what  as the fuss of wow is about..
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just created an account on wow, i made a undead mage but i dont get the game and i dont get what all the fuss is about?