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Probably Rayman on the GBA. Just a very poorly thought out game. Worst game I ever owned though was probably Superman Returns for DS, which is probably up there in the worst birthday gifts ever department.

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Yeah the controller is also connected. I've also never seen anyone with the same problem, which really makes me think it's just a defective mic. The headset is a no-go as I have the FAR SUPERIOR wii version. *cough* I can't really justify spending the dough on a replacement while I still have a perfectly fine warranty sitting around here somewhere. Looks like I'll be sending it back, but thanks for the help anyway!

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Anybody else have a problem with the mic where it won't even recognize that it's plugged in? Straight out of the box and and hasn't worked. I'm thinking manufacturers defect but sending things back to them is always a pain and would rather avoid it if possible.

Any help or tips is appreciated.

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Warcraft 2 back when it first came out. It is probably completely responsible for getting me hooked on RTS games.