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I typed in my credit card info and hit enter, but at the last second saw an incorrect security code.

I still however got the membership, and am concerned I just gypped you guys. I've been a fan since the beginning, so this is a rare case in which I would feel guilty for getting free shit.

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@pandabear: I really hate it when people claim they know what the recently deceased would have wanted... but don't you think Ryan would have been pretty bummed if the bombcast finally missed a week?

That said, I have zero demands or expectations, because you're right, they should have their time to grieve. I can't imagine that being in the podcast room would be easy with such a large presence missing. I just want a vague idea of how they're doing, not for entertainment or comfort's sake. Purely out of concern.

For all I care it could be a 5 minute podcast. Just so we know what to expect for the near future.

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The saddest Costco trip I've ever taken.

These guys pushed me into studying journalism, for which I can never thank them enough. Ryan Davis helped me choose my major. He helped me choose my college. He helped change my life, and give me direction when I needed it most. I imagine he's had that influence on many others besides me, and he'll never know.

That's the worst part.

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I was just watching the Harmonix tribute and was reminded of their Rock Band nights in which the bomb squad would act as judges. Then I realized, I was never able to find them when I first heard of them.

Are they archived somewhere or were they private events?

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Has anybody ever noticed how awful the lyrics are in Japanese trailer music?

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Well I bought it. Had a bunch of fun with it. Now my city that I put 12 hours into, is being "processed" and "rolled back." So fuck me basically.

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I saw the news about EA boosting server capacity or some such magic techno-devil-speak.

Does that mean that if I buy the game, I'l be able to play it?

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Has anyone else noticed that any non-dialogue audio in this game is absolutely awful? As if it's playing at really, really low bitrate or something? I played the shit out of this game on my 360 and have no memory of anything like this, and I'm positive it isn't my PC.

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I'm stuck pretty early on. Rings Within Darkness anyone? I feel like I'm missing something super obvious.

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@Video_Game_King: I feel soooooo dumb for asking this question, but how do I access the beta site in the first place? I thought being a premium member would automatically load it up. I can't seem to find the option anywhere.