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Me, blogging?  I know it sounds crazy to you, my 2 followers but it's true!  The new quest system is in place and is giving XP to those tenacious enough to try and follow the clues.  Some are blatantly obvious, like writing a blog post, but others are maddeningly difficult (what the hell kind of RPG monster uses a hammer!?).  Regardless, here I am writing my first blog entry in order to get the last achievement in a set entitled Vanity something or other...  I hope there is no word minimum requirement because I'm all dried up and I've hardly said anything!  Oh well, here goes and wish me luck!

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This game seems boring as all fuck. 

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I can't believe how many people chose not to buy this because they either don't like the top down GTA games or don't like GTA games. Period.  This game is top down, it is not shit.  Believe me, I own GTA on GBA and I know that game isn't much fun, but this is a full blown GTA and it's just been packaged in a way that caters well to a portable system.  If you don't like GTA at all then maybe you should have you head examined, you don't even have to do missions to find something in these games which is better than most retail games available.  Arg.

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Am I the only University student who owns and plays his DS still?  I haven't been able to afford new games often but I threw caution to the wind and bought this almost as soon as it came out.  How could you ignore the reviews for this game.  The drug dealing aspect is worth it alone!  What's the matter with you people, are you all waiting for Carnival Games DS?

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Professor Layton FTW!

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I bought a 2 year digital subscription to EGM in November.  It's really too bad they're closing up.

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Uh oh, my band gave out free EPs at a couple of our concerts.  I wonder what that says about our quality.

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Endogene said:
"i can tell that its good."
...OK.  I guess we'll all take your word on that.  The story and gameplay sound interesting me thinks, what with the very different battle system.  I'm not so hot on the character designs, they're a bit generic.
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Sanity never got anyone anywhere, so this seems like the proper course of action.

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Take it out back.  This is one franchise we don't need to save.  It's been stale and irrelevant too long.

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