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Only just now discovered this, and I'm totally down for it!

Only issue is that I don't see any kind of official date or signup info. Is this just a casual kind of "do whatever, maybe chat it up here in the thread" kinda thing, or something more formal with teams and the like? Has an official date been decided? I'm seeing "some time in April", but more specifically when?

Either way, it sounds rad, and hopefully I can throw together something that's actually playable. Can't wait to see what kinds of nonsense you all make!

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Since nobody has mentioned Little Mac yet, I must.

He's a goddamn beast! His hits seem to do a ton of damage and you can wreck the house with him, but it's also extremely easy to fall off the stage with his forward-B.

If you can get used to staying on the platforms and using that move only when safe, you can just destroy everything.

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Lovely Planet on account of it being the best game released so far this year.

I'm playing this too! Not sure I'd go so far as to say it's the best game released so far this year, but... it's gotta be pretty damn close at least!

*high five*

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Because the gifs of this game are so amazing to watch, I decided to make my own.

Goddamn, this game is great and super satisfying. Just a shame I couldn't get the second star for time.

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@daneian: This is probably the biggest thing for me. Overall, I think the gameplay mechanics are better, along with the character progression/upgrades, but the world itself isn't as interesting.

Much prettier, absolutely, but so many areas have an entry and an exit, with nothing else. In DS1, each area felt like it had multiple ways of entering and exiting, with shortcuts that would interconnect with other areas that you wouldn't expect, making it feel overall like a much more cohesive world. DS2 feels much more point-to-point style progression, which is kinda strange.

Weirdly, I think I still prefer DS2 overall.

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@fitzgerald said:
@fleabeard said:

I'm bored at work watitg for the bombcast.

Same. Can't wait for the GOTY series of bombcasts. Do those start next week or are they gonna post them on the last week of December?

Giant Bomb's "10 Days of 10 Games Better than Brothers" starts December 14th!

This... isn't real, is it? It sounds very much like something they'd do...

...except for the part where their GOTY stuff doesn't typically start until after christmas.

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Not going to lie: I thing Guardians of Middle Earth is a better MOBA than all of those listed.

(Please don't murder me)

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Iron Man, Star Trek, and Fast/Furious already released, and aside from a few outliers (Pacific Rim / Man of Steel), there doesn't appear to be much left to be excited about (to me at least) for the summer.

In my mind, this means that the big "summer blockbuster movie season" has mostly come and gone already, despite the fact that summer has not even started yet.

Am I crazy? Are there a bunch of movies that I'm simply not aware of? Why does "summer" seem to keep happening earlier each year?

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Yeah, after thinking about it, with two days of downtime, that's really only 2 free hours of SP gain.

Whatever, any SP is good SP.

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I hope you guys like free skill points!

Article Link

Free 50,000 SP! That's like... a third of an armor upgrade!