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I kinda get the feeling that the person Kanye portrays in this album is a satirization of the person Kanye's haters believe him to be.

but it's more likely that he just wanted to be provocative

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im calling bs, the 360 can't output at 1080p

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@brendan: i like his reviews. it's just not enough to get me coming back i guess

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@little_socrates said:

@thedj93: I haven't seen Pitch Black, so I couldn't tell ya.

@meaninoflife42: Most of the time, you'd be right, but he was actually super-offended. The Enis book was for Leon, andthe Zardoz DVD was for Korey. He thought I was giving him a "Nigel" gift, but he got VERY upset and ranted for about twenty minutes. When he finally opened Nigel's gift, he was too exhausted to even be annoyed. I kinda get it; I sent Leon a $20 comic book and Korey a $7 DVD that seemed like garbage. But I fucking love Zardoz, so that was definitely the more personal gift. I've occasionally listened to reviews since, but my motivation to use the site is totally drained.

(cc: @mariachimacabre)

Going on a rant over not getting a free gift of equal worth? Man, that guy sounds professional.

dude sounds like an idiot. Zardos is a great movie, its just hard to get through the whole thing

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@little_socrates: is it just me or does this look like a shot-for-shot remake of pitch black?

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i liked that movie. this is a pretty good trailer actually

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You would think I'd have gotten over it by now, but honestly it had everything you could ask for from a website that covers movies/tv

Consistently well-written reviews for nearly all the major releases and plenty of indie movies.

A really insightful podcast that updated every week

Thoughtful features that were varied and informative...

Where do you guys go to get your movie coverage? I've heard about the AV Club, should I start frequenting there?

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@tarsier: im fairly certain the vinyl will come with an itunes download code but i see your point.

i still think there is a certain charm to having your listening experience divided into two 40 minute segments. you get the chance to take in the music how it was intended, for better or worse. and you get to put the record on and not be distracted by the interface around the music i.e. the internet etc.

it hearkens to a different era of music consumption where people would sit on the floor of their living room and stare at the record sleeve while the music plays

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@ahgunsillyo: i got one at radio shack/the source for 20 bucks. it connects to my pc for sampling music and stuff. its not really set to be playing full albums. Honestly I would be satisfied with CDQ on really good speakers.