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Can I just say Ryan almost made me throw up from laughing. A truly great job.

I didn't get the app incidently, got the sweet fart app.

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Well, this is depressing and well put.

I hope they keep protection at Giantbomb incase someone went totally mental.

When that thing happened with Jeff I saw some weird, truly fanatical people come out of the woodwork, fuckin scary internet dudes, it's all down to loneliness innit.

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Boris Johnson is an inbred *twit.

He has been on so many crap BBC T.V  shows my head is beginning to hurt, watching him try to get over with the british public telling "hilairious" jokes about topical events. HE JUST SAYS ANYTHING THAT SOUNDS RIGHT AT THE TIME. HE DOESN'T THINK. HE'S A *TWIT.

Not a fan.

*(well, a word like twit but it rhymes with cat)