Starting P90x workout soon, anybody on here try it before?

I ordered it just recently because after being hospitalized, I lost a lot of weight and was pretty badly malnourished. So after a couple of weeks of being heavily medicated and taking nutritional supplements, I think I'm ready to start  getting some strength back .  I'm not expecting immediate results but I'm hoping this will atleast get me back to where I was before.
So anyone here ever give this a try and see results?


First job interview today, Any tips?

Yeah so, I just got a call back after about almost two weeks and I didn't think I was gonna get a interview until today when they called me while I was in the shower.
To be clear the interview is for a supermarket, I was just wondering if the giantbomb community has any tips for my  first job interview. 
I'm not gonna lie I am pretty nervous right now.
Edit: I got the job. Awesome now I'm saving my money for my car insurance and preordering  Halo Reach


Time for some bloggin'

Alright well I just feel like typing so here what going on in my life right now. Oh and look I finally have decided to put headers in a blog post.

My Search for a Summer Job.(Yes I know summer is almost over)

Not going so well. I'm 16 and the fact that I have no previous job experience is not helping.
 I Applied at Mightytaco, Tops Markets, taco bell and Delta Sonic, Tops and taco bell I just recently sent my app in. 
Oh and the application for tops was pretty fucking long, and sort of stupid at the same time, They asked me first "Have you done any illegal drugs?" I answered no and click next question. And it asks "Have you ever smoked Marijuana?" Lol. I think my favorite question was if you found $100 dollars what would you do. Being my honest self I answered, I'd pick up the money and keep it. 

Time for me to get my permit.

So a couple days ago, I got the manual and I figured I should start reading up on it cause as soon as I finish the manual I'll take the written test and than the visual test, which is basically like an eye exam. Currently reading the chapter on "Right of Way".

Preparing my self for some varsity football.

Yup its about that time of summer and I have about four weeks until the preseason Two a days( we call them that cause its two practices in one day) start.
And well I've been trying to do my best with training and all, but conditioning myself for practice is going to be a bitch and well if I'm not ready for practice come august. I will be fucked. 
Yeah so Im currently working on my endurance I've been jogging around my block lately. Still havent found a way to work on my spped though sprints dont seem to be helping.
So yeah thats basically about it.
On the gaming side of things Im enjoying my last couple of weeks of freedom by playing red dead with friends and occasionally hopping on Call of duty 4 and playing some team tac.
Alright now that I have finished this blog feel free to comment  if you want to. You can also laugh at my horrible writing/typing skills.

My neighbors are real fucking weird.

Seriously they're practically fucking stalking my house. they are blocking my houses drive way and are basically staring at my houses back door.
The worst part is their teasing my damn dog, I'm trying to get the fucker in the house and they keep talking to him.  As I type this my dipshit neighbor is still fucking talking to my dog. 
He's gotta be under the influence.  Now I may be wrong but chilling inside a car in front of my house, blocking my driveway may be little weird, actually I take that back it is weird. 
The worst part about this blog is I'm not lying lol. 
EDIT: Problem solved.  But honestly thank god he left cause I be leaving my house in about a half hour or so and I didnt want to have to leave with him in the driveway. If your wondering why I waited for awhile before I did anything was mostly because I thought they would go away without me having to say anything.


Today I am going out to pre-order the new xbox slim

Does anyone here have one yet? 
So I finally decided after the unfortunate death of my fourth xbox, that I was going to buy the new model unfortunately every gamestop/Best buy are sold out in my district, or atleast thats what they've been telling me on the phone.  gamestop has this promotion where you can trade your xbox in for $100, so I decided to preorder it there.


So I found out my college course exam is all multiple choice.

Does anyone else think thats making it a little too easy?
I mean I'm all for it because it means less stress on my part but I feel that since its a college course I'm taking, it should be a little more than just multiple choice.  I mean whole year of some pretty hard math and now they just make it Mulitple choice lol. The course i am taking this year is Principles of Engineering, which the course outline was designed by the Rochester Institute of Technology.
Has anyone here ever been given a college exam thats all multiple choice?


So today I went back to cod 4 for the first time in a while

And it was fucking amazing.
I am pretty glad I never sold it, yes this game has its flaws to but all in all this game is pretty sound and things like juggernaut do not really bother me.
Modern warfare 2 lately has just gotten boring because it seems to me like everybody and there mother can play the game because it is too easy.
mw2 is cool and all but it gives players so much of handicap and the exploits in it have just ruined most of my fun that I prolly would of had playing Mw 2.
But Anyways Cod 4, also feels a little bit easier because I did good every single game i played, mostly because I didn't have to worry about ridiculous deathstreaks and one man army whores. After playing this morning I'm feeling going back to cod 4, I dont know if anyone else here has, but im highly considering getting rid of Mw 2 not because  of the bad times but also cause my disc is almost broken.
So yeah, just thought I'd say that its a nice change and to anyone thats getting annoyed at Mw 2 its a good relief from that game.


Disc troubles.

Alright so all of a sudden I noticed a crack in My Mw 2 disc and fortunately the crack is only on the see-through ring part, does that mean it will still work? 
Also anyway to stop the crack from getting worse?

Alright, so I think I am pretty screwed.

Today started out okay, but that was until my friend drove his car into my garage door.  
Now I don't think the damage is that bad but I'm not a garage door expert so I'm thinking their is a problem with the sensor on top. Did anyone here have this happen before and if so it exspensive to fix, cause my mother will probably rip my head off its not fixable and she has to buy a new door. 
So yeah, idk.
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