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Can I please just have fallout 4 and a port of gta 5 to the xbone. That's all I ask

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I've played about an hour so far and I think I like being a pilot more than a titan. I just love how fluid the wall running and platforming feels. As far as actual gun on gun...ehhh its okay. Like the OP, this game feels a lot like the game Brink was supposed to be.

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I'm gonna be the oddball here, and say that I like League more then I like dota. I played league for months and then decided to give dota 2 a try. Unknowingly, I picked a champ, I think his name was Io, turns out that champ is hard and plays more of a support role. League does seem easier, but man that game is not a cakewalk to play. Some of the more technical champs, or assassins like Zed, Orianna and Yasuo are difficult to play.

However, my two scents on league or any moba:

Play against real people, you might get called a feeder or hazed at times but its the only way to learn the game. The bot matches give you a false sense of confidence and bots often do things that you'd never see real player teams do

Players tend to haze you more when you pick a role like ad carry or support and do terrible. So my advice would be pick an ad carry like Caitlyn, Draven or Varus, all are fairly easy carries to understand. I would also recommend staying away from support until you get more familiar.

An easy lane to play would be top. If you don't feel comfortable going solo top lane, have a buddy go duo top. Some players will flip if you call duo top but its not a terrible way to play atleast until you can get a handle for your favorite character.

Lastly: Try looking up item builds for certain characters before you play them, I know this sounds a tad nerdy, but when I started playing lol, I had a hard time building a champ so I would look up builds for junglers, top laners, etc.. and that helped me understand what items help with what. Eventually you'll learn the items and wont rely on following set item builds.

Good Luck and hopefully your Moba experience continues to be an enjoyable one.

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@strainedeyes said:

You could buy them off of Amazon Instant, it's $2 an episode, $15 for all 8.

I recommend this option. I've been using Amazon Video as an alternative to cable for a few years, and I've been pretty satisfied with them overall (aside from them on very rare occasions not getting an episode up in as timely a fashion as I would like).

Yeah, I'll probably just buy them from there. I'm addicted to the series, I didn't think I'd like it at first cause I'm not a big TV guy, but definitely enjoyed watching this series. Too many risky streaming sites out there that contain malware

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So recently with my time off, I decided to watch breaking bad and as of now I am all caught up on the episodes that Netflix has. I was wondering if any of giantbomb users knew of a safe website that will stream the remaining breaking bad episodes? I left off on Season 5 episode 9

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I had a class last semester for my art elective called "Performance Appreciation" all I had to do was simply show up, sign my name on a sign in sheet, watch movies about performances/documentaries, take a midterm and a final exam, and then critique to live performances. Hands down the easiest class ever. Only reason why I got a Less than an A( ended with B+, she took half a letter grade off every 3 absences) in the class because it was a late at night class and I would often blow it off so I could pull all nighters studying for my Organic chemistry tests

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I highly recommend 1984 by George Orwell, one of my favorite books of all time. Might be a little tough to get into at first and a lot of information to digest but when it all comes together your just like "Whoa"

Some other titles as well, Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, Maze Runner series

Someone also mentioned Fight Club, which is a great movie but even better book: "It is only once you've lost everything that your free to do anything" remains one of my favorite quotes and is from that book.

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Jarvan, Nautilis, Maokai, shyvana are some of my favorite junglers. I like to build a tanky jungler so I like to stick to these champs, if your looking to build more offensively and aggressive, Maybe try a Nocturne, Xin Zhao, or a Lee Sin.

Jarvan is a pretty cool person to build health, magic resist and armor on because he still hits pretty hard without building damage.

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Now I usually main top or jungle, so favorite top champ is probably tryndamere but since hes usually banned or picked, I go with renekton.

Favorite Junglers are Jarvan(one of my favorite ults in the game) and I really like Maokai a lot very underrated jungler, only problem is his twisted advance is countered pretty easily if the person you sticking to has flash. Literally I've died a couple of times because they catch me doing twisted advance and flash under tower

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Great tribute. Just another example of how Ryan made a profound impact on people who he met in person or people who had watched him over the years.