I used to be a Stalker, then I took an arrow to the knee.

And that's the last time I'll use the arrow to the knee thing, I promise...probably.

Resurrection, or Zombification?

If you haven't heard by now Bethesda has bought the IP of Stalker.

Bethesda now has rights to make a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game - Giantbomb thread

Bethesda has rights To STALKER, claims Galyonkin - source

Bethesda-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Rumor Resurfaces, But No One's Talking - Kotaku

Now before I start, nothing is officially official, Bethesda has "no comment" for now and GCS owner Sergei Grigorovich has not sold the brand, whatever the hell that means. So lets just say, this is a what if blog, that deals with either eventuality (just because I'm in the mood to write and latter on I might not be). If true it could mean potential continuation of the Stalker franchise in a good fashion worthy of the predecessors. Or a similar situation that Fallout 1 and 2 fans went through. In short, Stalker fans will rage and perhaps rightfully so.

Imma just quote something from my previous blog. Finally I realize how stupid some of the things were written there.

Seeing as how the developer is closing its doors, and the sequel, like i mentioned, is more or less dead. There are i think, several outcomes, apart from two most of them have a very small chance of playing out.

  1. GSC Game World re-opens.
  2. Some of the developers open a smaller company, they finish the game.
  3. The community gets involved, manages to get their hands on the engine and finishes the game.
  4. A publisher buys the IP of the game, hires a dev that makes it (from scratch).
  5. The said publisher hires a developer that makes the game perfectly, in accordance to the atmosphere, gameplay and history of previous Stalker games.
  6. I become a millionaire and fund the project myself.
  7. GSC Game World remains closed, Stalker 2, never to see the light of day.

8. Bethesda buys the IP, develops and/or publishes the game.

9. Bethesda buys the IP, develops and/or publishes the game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans everywhere riot...on the internet.

So, is it better to burn out or fade out? Die with dignity as a human, or live out a miserable existence as a brain (money) eating zombie. The answer, I think, should be obvious.

Best possible outcome(s)

Far as I'm concerned this isn't necessarily a good or bad thing because there are many outcomes to all of this, assuming it's true of course. So it's all just wild speculation at this point.

On Bethesda

And let me make myself perfectly clear, I'm not some Bethesda hater out looking for blood. I love Bethesda, they've made some great games. The Elder Scrolls is the best (and my favorite fantasy franchise) fantasy themed game with heaps of lore you could possibly get your hands on. Hell, I loved Fallout 3 as well. It wasn't everything Van Buren could have been, for obvious reasons. And the story/characters couldn't hold a candle light to those of previous games. But the atmosphere, gameplay and (some) of the questlines were truly great, they really did try to please Fallout fans, and they managed to do it...for some. I also love the Stalker franchise, and therein lies the rub. I'm not some close minded dude that's shouting "change is bad"...well maybe I am, but sequels are always different from their predecessors, regardless of who develops them. I'm simply advocating for the balance of old and new.

With Skyrim some things become evident, I think the people at Bethesda are becoming lazy and/or greedy. Using Gamebyro 2.0 and the ever continuing "streamlining" of the Elder Scroll series is worrying to say the least. Skyrim is the last threshold. If they remove anything else from Elder Scrolls VI well, then it stops being streamlining and becomes simplification, some would argue that the simplification happened in Oblivion.

What this means for a Bethesda made Stalker game? Many things, namely either Gamebyro 2.0 or 2.1.0. Will they make it a full on RPG? Stalker, contrary to popular belief is not an RPG. It has some RPG stuff sprinkled on it, like a rather large amount of choice when it comes to weapons and armor, and the attributes they posses, as well as artifacts from anomalies that serve to modify your character. But it certainly was not an RPG. Bethesda doesn't really have experience when it comes to developing shooter games, and if you played the original, you'll know it has top-notch shooting. When you ask which games have the best shooting you'll more often than not find Stalker on the list.

All of this makes me think that they'll want to turn it into an RPG first, shooter second, similar to Fallout 3.

Secondly, the far more important aspect of a Stalker game, at least to me, is the atmosphere. With Fallout 3, and even more so with it's DLC Point Lookout, Bethesda proved that they could create a game with a bone chilling and bleak atmosphere like the original Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl...well okay, Fallout 3 was not bone chilling but still. Then they also made Operation Anchorage and Mothership Zeta. When it comes to atmosphere they could pull it off, not as good as GSC Game World, but what you gonna do?

There are also some things that go to Bethesda's favor. Stalker didn't really have memorable characters or a great storyline (especially the later games). The plot was pretty good but it was good more because of the world and atmosphere that complimented it, than the storyline. Being that story, characters and dialogue are Bethesda's really weak links this works for them.

The biggest problem though? Consolification. The one thing that we can be certain of is that, if Bethesda does it, the game will be simplified and suited for consoles and that means a lot easier, and a hell of a lot more accessible (which isn't necessarily a bad thing but...), it just becomes a question of "to what point?". Then again, if memory serves, GCS Game World's Stalker was supposed to be released for consoles as well, and again that question still remains.

This is all of course if Bethesda chooses to develop instead of publish. I think they might make a good Stalker game if they approach it as a Stalker game rather than simply a post-apocalyptic, Fallout or Elder Scrolls game. In short, I hope they don't make a clone of those two games.

Other Developers

What if they don't develop? CD Projekt Red has made one of the most atmospheric games out there, The Witcher. But like Bethesda, shooting game experience is rather short...or non existent. I believe that they could make a great Stalker game, them Polaks are after all...kind of eastern Europeish with a good amount of Western Europish. id Software? After Rage I'd say they have the shooting and atmosphere down, but with all the technical problems (and they weren't just some annoying bugs, those problems were game breaking) I'd say no.

Yet another possibility is that Bethesda bought the IP simply to make the post-apocalyptic market less populated, allowing them to get a greater profit from Fallout 4. Which means that they probably won't even publish Stalker and frankly, and that might be for the best. The uniqueness of Stalker was the work of GSC Game World, it's their baby, they're the only ones who are capable to make a Stalker game with the potential fulfilled.

The Ending Stuff

Like I said, this is all just wild speculation. It's not really even clear what transpired. Bethesda simply bought the rights to make a Stalker game, but that doesn't mean much, and it's not 100% confirmed anyway. And apparently it seems the rumor has been squashed on Facebook, but again nothing officially official, although I hope its true, if so, the Rock Paper Shotgun site really sucks.

In the end, I hope that Bethesda doesn't publish/develop a new Stalker game. Just because they can do it, to some degree of quality, doesn't mean they should, I'd much rather wait for a developer that has a résumé that can prove that they can make a great Stalker game. At best it would be people from GSC Game World (although now they're called Vostok games and are making Survarium) leaving the MMO bullshit, and making a Stalker game. There are many variations and possibilities so I guess we'll just wait and see.

For now this is the Dude of Gaming signing off...and going to play Morrowind.

And what are your thoughts on this whole Stalker situation? True? False? What will happen and how you want it to happen? So on and so forth.

Update: the Official Stalker page on Facebook has announced that the rumors are false. Still not enough, until Bethesda explicitly states that they aren't making it, I won't be happy *sadface*


My stupidity and power leveling.

You know that feeling?

The kind of feeling where you wish a time travel device was invented, so you can go back in time and beat the shit out of your past self? Yeah, well I do, because of several things I did/didn't do, regrets suck. The reason for this blog, and the aforementioned feeling is the way i played certain games.

I primarily play role playing games, sandbox games and strategy games. The first genre can have an open world and lots of freedom and choices as well as the option to create a God-like character. The second genre needs freedom and the third genre isn't really important to the point I'm trying to make. Just a couple of months ago, for me, two things were very important when it comes to RPGs.

  1. Freedom (open world)
  2. Character Development (the ability to create a God like character)

Now freedom and character development, among other things, are very important for RPG games, but my underlying reasons were completely retarded.

Looking back

While a device that allows us to travel through time isn't invented...yet, i can take you back, say, 2 months ago and introduce you to the way i played roleplaying games.

Say hello to Crnobog, a level 60 Nord Mage

                                                                                       (Ignore the quality, I swear it wasn't this bad when i took the shots)

                                                                                                                   Skyrim (Elder Scrolls) the

                                                                                                                         of open world RPGs.

So anyway, Crnobog is a level 60 Nord Mage, a character that utilizes 0 magicka when casting destruction spells, a character that can summon 2 dremora lords, a character that has over a 1.000 in armor rating (I think), 400 health and 390 magicka. A character, that can f*** up any enemy in this game, and walk away scot-free (And no, contrary to what you might be thinking right now this isn't some dick measuring contest or me showing off)

Ohhh look at that, it's a level 60 Nord Mage...so what, I got a level 81 mage, fool!

The catch? (There's always a catch) Crnobog, or rather I, found almost every location, but completed only 5 quests, and even then, only because i wanted to get my hands on Breezehome.

So what's wrong with this (these) picture(s) (apart from the quality)?

Roleplaying games are obviously about putting you in the shoes of a character who finds himself/herself in an incredible situation. A situation, that you or I will never find ourselves in (excluding Fallout). So as said, freedom, character development and plot are very important elements for RPG games, but power leveling is NOT. So much time spent casting soul trap on the bodies of dead enemies, collecting and buying soul gems, raising smithing/enchanting/alchemy to a 100. I realized it's not the way RPGs are meant to be played, or at the very least, I didn't enjoy playing them like that.

What happened you ask? Well two things.

  1. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (My second favorite RPG)
  2. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

I've dabbled with Arcanum several years ago, and while i thought the setting and story were amazing and extremely unique I couldn't quite bring myself to finish it. Perhaps the biggest reason is the fact that i deleted and restarted dozens of characters. Why? Because I'm stupid that way. Similar situation with Morrowind.

Well, a month ago, I sat down in front of my PC, started a character on both Arcanum and Morrowind, and swore i would finish the games. Regardless of the mistakes, regardless of the choices and different paths. Regardless of the outcomes and incredible amounts of possibility. And i rediscovered a whole new way of playing roleplaying games, a way that was long lost to me. I wouldn't say i forced myself to play the games in the manner of "power leveling, unique equipment and God like characters be damned!". Rather it was like jumping into a ice cold pool of water, while shocking, it's also extremely refreshing.

Before Arcanum and Morrowind, open world RPGs represented the ability to never start a secondary quest or continue the main quest, instead of choices. They represented the ability to create God like characters, when i should have been worrying about immersing myself within the game, taking things easy so i could enjoy the story, characters, atmosphere and setting.


While power leveling or the goal of creating a God like character, min/maxing etc. is just another form of freedom in RPGs, these are not the objectives. Sure, I'll still probably effectively level my character in Oblivion or Morrowind, but instead of an increase of 5 in any attribute, i might let a 4 slip past or...*gasp* even a 3 (except Endurance, gotta raise that s*** up to a 100 ASAP!).

The point is, don't be a power gamer, there's so much more to games, the good ones at least, and roleplaying games especially. As I said, it is another form of freedom, but don't make that your objective.

Now If you'll excuse me, I have to replay a lot of games.


Alright, f*** it, lets do this. My top 10.

The most comprehensive GOTY list of all...in other words, this is gonna be loooooong. As long as a black mans...nevermind. If i may also add, the numbers are places, but they aren't exactly strict. Frankly, getting into someone's GOTY list is an achievement, being a top 10 game in a year where Behemoths were released, is no small accomplishment. Each and every game on the list is above and beyond great, and it's pathetic that i try to describe them with words, and feelings and bad English...with that said, let's get down to business. Also, sorry for the many grammatical errors, i haven't slept in nearly 24 hours, and i was writing this as fast as i could. Now, seriously, down to business.

1) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This guy will eat your limbs if you continue with the Arrow in the knee jokes, you putrid fucking cunts!

I used to post blogs on the Giantbomb forums until i took an ARROW IN THE K...ARROW IN THE...ahem...ARRO, fuck it. That meme has lost all meaning and comedic value, and yet, it stands as a testament to Skyrim's greatness! Or shame...I don't know, you decide.

Skyrim is a gem, a flawed one, but still a gem. It's not the greatest but it is great. Bugs, a somewhat weak story (at least when compared to other aspects of the game), generic meaningless characters that have 1-2 dialogue lines. Bugs. If you were living in a cave for the past few weeks, this may seem like some pretty complaints. And they would be, for lesser games. Skyrim? Skyrim is no lesser game. From the moment you're thrown into the frozen wasteland of the Nords, you forget all complaints, and you're immersed in the blizzards, Arnold Schwarzenegger sounding dudes, civil war, magic, thievery, combat and god damn dragons....just so much stuff. This game is praised from up on high, to

down... on... below? The one thing that both God and the Devil have in common? They both love Skyrim. Skyrim simply improves every formula used in Oblivion, every...single...one. Except spells, there simply isn't enough, and that's my only (pretty minor) gameplay criticism. Nothing about Skyrim is ground breaking, or revolutionary. But it doesn't have to be, because the quality, size and freedom in the game are abso-f***ing-lutely amazing. Unless you only own a PS3, then, don't, just don't. There, really aren't words that i can use to describe this game, so I'll use facts instead. The week i got this, i spent every minute of my freetime playing it! Sleep? Who needs it, when i have Skyrim...okay, yes of course i slept, but there was serious sleep deprivation going on. Skyrim, you stole my SLEEEP!!!! Seriously, just shhh, shh shh shhhh.... *whispers* get this game.

2) The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings

If i was a chick, I'd get down on Geralt...just sayin'...and now I'm freaked out.

Where Skyrim falters is where Witcher 2 successes. Breath taking, interesting and engaging story and an equally impressive universe inspired by Slavic mythology (somewhat) and high fantasy. What the f*** is not to like? The universe of the Witcher, its protagonist and story is strong, which leads me to the question, why isn't it more popular? It took a while before the first game got its cult status among gamers? Is this going to happen with Witcher 2? Yes, the game had a lot of coverage, yes it was praised by many critics. And yet, it feels as if though the game simply isn't receiving enough praise, this is especially true, due to it's quality. In many ways it is better than Skyrim, but in the end Skyrim is Skyrim. The graphics are pretty awesome, as are the cinematics, and the music? Fugetabouti. With all that said, i haven't actually completed the game. I have played it quite a bit, unfortunately i have a pretty low end PC, and it's time to upgrade, so there just came a point where i said "fuck this, i can't play a great game like this!"

And yet, I'm still very confident that this game deserves, if not numero uno, then #2 without a doubt.

3) Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Look at this image...tell me it's not awesome!

My favorite setting? Post-apocalypse (you just can't beat that smell of radiation in the morning). My second favorite setting? Cyberpunk. Blade Runner made me fall in love with the genre, Deus Ex, the original game solidified that love into worship. So when the second game (yes, it is the second game, the other one doesn't count) was announced i was hyped, i was ultra-hyped, i was hyped to epic proportions, more so than for Skyrim, although i was hyped more for F:NV. Anywho, like the Witcher, Human Revolutions is built upon the foundation of story focus, great characters, amazing atmosphere and unlike the Witcher, has much freedom and flexibility. Do you want to be a hacker? A stealthy bastard that goes around banging the heads of two enemies against each other causing them to fall unconscious? Or just go in gunsablazing shooting the f*** out of everything and anything that moves? Maybe, maybe you want to be a ghost, maybe you don't wanna engage any single hostile....well, you can do that too. It's not so much that Deus Ex: HR is open world, as it is about freedom of both choice, and gameplay. (Ironically, Skyrim, an open world game with little to no (meaningful) choices) But it's more than simple freedom of choice and gameplay. It's about an engaging story of a serious topic. Augmenti...sm? The changing of humans by building in artificial limbs that are able to withstand huge amounts of damage, as well as being physically more able. The implementation of devices that alter sight, and mind. The big question, is it moral? Is it right? Are humans supposed to have such power? Like i said, engaging but also well crafted, interesting, original and deep i guess. With that said the game has two problems. Shooting and bosses. Simply put, not as good as everything else in the game. The bosses DO feel out of place, even though i didn't mind it that much, and the shooting is not really good. And yet, who cares? It's Deus Ex.

4) Saints Row: The Third

In the first mission, you jump out of a plain, being chased by dudes in freefall, you kill them, you end up in the plane again, you jump out again, you go free fall style again, and save Shaundi. Also chicks in stockings...what more could you possibly want?

Cause you know i had to. It is in my fair, worthless opinion, that the sequel isn't quite as good as the second one. Despite the many problems #2 Saints Row had on the PC version, i still say it's better than The Third. Simply because, freedom. When i started the second one and got out of prison, the first thing i did was complete the C.O.P.S. activity. Why? Unlimited ammunition, that's why. This time around you have to be level 50 to unlock unlimited ammo for different types of weapons, and even though i think it's a good system, it can be difficult to get to level 50. Add to that the fact that some activities remain locked until you get through a chunk of the story...bullshit. Also, the first game was a bit more charming, with wittier dialogue (which is not to say that The Third didn't have some funny moments, in fact I laughed too hard many, many, many times) With that said, The Third is still an impressive addition to the series, it may sacrifice (to a degree) some things that made the second one so great, but it makes up for it simply by the insanity levels. Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax is a great addition to the Row universe. The story, is pretty good, but not great. In any case you do NOT play a game like Saints Row for the story, but rather the insanity. There are a few more complaints, but I'll just add two more, pretty big ones. Shaundi, why the f*** was she changed? She used to be SOOOO hot. And secondly, the gangs simply aren't as good as in number 2. They just aren't. With that said, the leaders of the gangs are.

In conclusion, Saints Row: The Third is a great game. Possibly, the most insane game ever created. You can streak naked, you can kill thousands of people using a giant purple dildo bat. You can fly a VITOL and crash it amidst a bunch of people. You can customize your character in a limitless amount of combinations, ranging from cool, awesome, serious to insane, outrageous and hilarious.

5) Heroes of Might and Magic VI...or rather Might and Magic Heroes VI...or whatever the f*** they call it now a days. Might and Magic: Heroes VI, that's it.

Not as good as the previous ones...but NOSTALGIA!

Wait what? Yes, i know, i was as surprised as you, but not really. I've been a long time fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, and while this one may be called the greatest fuck up since HoMM 4, I'll just add it to the list and be glad that the series is still going. HoMM is, was and will be my go-to strategy game. Along with the Total War series. I've spent countless hours with V, the first HoMM game i was introduced to. I went back and played both 3 and 4. Although the truth is, i think that I played #2 a long, long time ago, it's one of those things of which you simply can't be sure of. In any case, "Might and Magic: Heroes VI" (i hope they don't continue calling it that, although they probably will) may not be the greatest in the series, and die hard fans will always bitch. But i enjoyed it. My favorite turn based strategy game continues. The story, unfortunately, is...shit. It's incomprehensible babble, that's difficult to follow and at times makes no sense. And despite HoMM 3 and 5 having pretty good stories, frankly you didn't play them for that. You played them for the ever so addictive turn based strategy formula that kept me up at nights. If nothing else VI successes at that. And to close the part of HoMM VI, it is partly due to nostalgia that this is here. But it's a subjective list, so, in the words of the great Penn...

Too strong? Yeah, i apologize.

6) Total War: Shogun 2

Bushido, Samurais, Honor, Tradition, Warfare...Shogun 2 Total War. Yes please. Also sexy geishas!

The one thing about the Total War series is that the fans are bickering c***. Those who first played the first shogun swear by it. Those who played Rome first swear by it. Those who played Medieval...well you get the picture. I'd like to extend a big, painful bitch slap towards all those people, through teh invisible internet....conectionz. Yes, there are better Total War games, and there are those who aren't quite as good. But really, they are ALL great, so why the bickering? In any case, Shogun 2 brings a few improvements to the formula. The two biggest ones, improved AI and general, or rather avatar customization, increasing the role playing aspect established way back in the day. it was also nice to see the reduced influence of religion and the fact that different clans had different abilities. With that said, the greatest thing about Shogun 2, is the same thing that made the original game so great. Real time strategy battles, along with grand map turn based strategy. And Samurais...Samurais are awesome.

Total War remains my favorite strategy game. It may not be quite as great or complex as anything by Paradox, but it's still amazing.

7) Batman: Arkham City

Would you too just do it and get it over with? Record it please >:D

Yes, it's out for PC finally. No..........i haven't played it yet. Don't make me get out the Penn video again. I know, i know, I'm a terrible human being, but can you blame me? Skyrim...Saints Row The Third? No money, and even less time. But based on my, very astute and professional (hehe yeah right) observations of the game, it definitely would get a place on my list, which place? That was the problem. On one hand it obviously is a great game, on the other, you're playing as Batman. I'm not big on superheroes, comics are awesome, but superheroes, in my opinion are obsolete. They've run their course, i doubt that anyone can create a new superhero character, that character to be original and innovative, and still be called a superhero. They're goody too shoes, always doing what's right, and even when they fall to the dark side, they always come back and redeem themselves. The problem with that is that no one is truly good, and no one truly evil (my favorite thing about the bible is that the devil was once an angel). In any case, despite for my dislike for the concept of a superhero Batman: AC looks awesome, and I'll play it as soon as i have enough cash, even if it means i won't be eating anything for a week....could stand to loose some weight.

8) Portal 2

A proud day for gaming, story, characters, voice acting. Better than hollywood.

Puzzles...platformers...not a big fan off (point and click adventures are cool though). Yes, again, I know I'm a terrible person, but i simply didn't grow up with those kind of games, and i still don't like them. But if you play a game whose genre you don't like, and love the game, then that speaks volumes of the game in question. And if not for my, some would say illogical dislike for puzzles/platformers Portal 2 would be way higher on my list. But really, arguably the best story, characters and ending to almost any game (except perhaps Planescape: Torment) this game is truly amazing, the voice acting and character development, well, you're only able to admire it and enjoy it. It proves that the potential of the gaming industry, in what i consider the most important aspect of a game. The story and characters (and yet i put Skyrim on number 1, I'm ashamed).

And here is where i decided to put Portal 2 at number five. But it requires too much work, I've already written so much....words really can't do this game justice, and if it only wasn't puzzle-platform it would probably be my number 1 game of the year. But then Portal wouldn't be Portal...would it?

9) Bastion

Now that's some great design...and art design. Is it the same? I don't know...

The first time i got interested for this game was when i learned that Greg Kasavin was going to work on it. That was a while back. Bastion, like all the games on top 10 lists, fail to disappoint. With that said it really is a great game. The sweet, charming, and innocent quest of The Kid to rebuild his world is memorable indeed. Coupled with great RPG mechanics and a great narrator....seriously, this guy is better than Morgan Freeman. The game fails to not impress. Sure, some people might not..."get" it. But hey, to each his own. As for me I'm colored amazed, that a handful of people can make a great game like this. Like Portal 2, Deus Ex:HR or Witcher 2, it shows where the video game industry got. From Mario and Pacman to here...it's been a long and hard journey. Filled with controversy and FOX. But we made it. With games like this coming out in 2011, imagine where we'll be in 10 years. Ahhh, gets me all teary-eyed.

10) Battlefield 3

CoD killer? Not by sales, great game? Hells yeah.

You knew it, right? Yeah you did. First off, like Portal 2, the genre doesn't sit well with me. When it's multiplayer, it's only MOBA games for me. But I'm always open to new things, and while i have played other FPS multiplayer driven games (COD 4 and MW2, Counter Strike), i tend to not play too much of those. With that said, Battlefield 3 is something that i followed with quite a bit of enthusiasm, they called it the CoD killer...were they right? Did the epic battle between EA and Activision end with a clear winner? For me yes, for others, perhaps not. Unfortunately, this place, which may as well be the best multiplayer game of the year, was either or. CoD MW3 or Battlefield 3. And CoD is a great game, for a while, but sooner or later you'll have to bring new things to the table before things get old. And things got old a long time ago. Little wonder then, that i opted for Battlefield 3.

That said, I'm not going to install fucking Origin on my PC, plus the low end PC thing, no chance in hell i could run this. No, I've, or should i say my friend and I, played the game for quite a few hours at his house. Needless to say, jets, teamwork and...well, I'd imagine actual wars were like that...except this game has better graphics ^^

But the thing that makes Battlefield 3 great, is the thing that also ruins it, at least for me. The human element. You can play for fun, and you can play to win. When i play multiplayer games, you're damn fucking right i play to win, and it's what i expect from my teammates, ie. people I don't know, have never met and never will meet. With that said, the winning part is the fun for me, and the playing part is fun for (most) of them...at least i think so. Needless to say, them and I do not mix, so tend to leave them to it. Still Battlefield 3 is a very impressive game, and if you're a CoD player, despite the petty rivalry and the opinion you've groundlessly formed due to being in the other camp. I'd encourage you to go out of your way, and try something different like Battlefield 3. It's worth it....but not worth installing Origin on your PC. NEVAH! Steam is king of downloading...deal with it EA!

Also, i haven't played a single minute of single player, but i hear it's pretty bad so...does it matter?

Oh noes, teh disappointment, teh pain, teh sadness. In other words, the fuck you section.

Where as previously numbers meant little, and were there to just give you a sense of greatness by comparison, here every number means exactly the number it is. At least for number one.

1) Dragon Age 2

Hawke, my friend...i hate you more than Durial, and that's saying something you bastard!

Some like it...I'm inclined to calling those people some rude names, but i won't...i really want to, but i won't. In any case, in my 17 winters that I've spent on this God forsaken planet, Dragon Age 2 is, and will be the biggest fuck up in gaming to have ever happened. It's just bad. Many have spoken, and we all know the deal. This...game, has been released, and no amount of hate, debate or bitching and moaning is gonna change that. What i wanna know is...WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED BioWare?!?!?!?

I suppose Dragon Age 2 isn't all to blame. It's vastly superior, blonde haired, blue eyed, older Aryan brother, Origins, is hard to live up to. By Hitler philosophy Dragon Age 2 is Jewish. And right now, even I'm going "Jesus, that's fucked up". But it's written and it's done. Seriously though, simply put, this is what happens when you have a dev cycle of one year (i really hope that was the reason anyway), and you release a mediocre sequel to an amazing game.

2) Lord of the Rings: War in the North

You could have been so good. But the best thing about you was the World map, where I could toggle the description of each location, and see the lore.

I should have known better...i should have fucking known better. A game based on a movie based on a book never turns out good (although the book was above amazing and movie was freaking epic). I've played Scarface, I've played Reservoir Dogs, I fucking promised myself I wouldn't do it again. And yet, after becoming a Tolkien admirer recently, i decided to hold my breath and hope for a game that is just as good or...gasp, there i say it, better than Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2....Never, the fuck...again. What started out as enjoyment "Oh look, holy shit, It's the prancing pony, and there's Aragorn, holy shit this is bad ass!" turned to disappointment when i realized how repetitive this game is. Turned to dread, after having to do the same shit 20 hours of gameplay later. Still better than DA2 though...like a lot!

3) Mass Effect 2 (PS3)

Go on Shepard, run, run and complete your never ending quest of finding alien p****. We all know that you're in it for that, saving the universe is for n00bs!

Because i haven't played it on the PS3, but this is my last chance to spit on it in a GOTY list/blog/thingy.

Dear BioWare, seriously, what the fuck happened?

Yours sincerely


I don't know, is this because BioWare wants more people to play their games, more money? I understand BioWare, you have kids to feed and shit, but there's a limit to how much you can use that argument until you become money grabbing whores. Was it EA? The ruthless publisher? Demanding simplification and wiping the poor developer to deliver the promised goods on time? Or was it just....something else? I don't know. What i do know is that BioWare used to be great, and their games used to be great. And this developer will always have a place in my heart, just like your first love. But then you realize that your first love is actually your first ex, and then you remember you hate the bitch.

4) Dead Island

You didn't loose shit, you freaking liar. You haven't even lost an hour of sleep because that didn't happen. I on the other hand lost several minutes of sleep, on the account of how pissed off i was at you!

What at first was enjoyment turned to bitterness. Surprisingly, games and movies for that matter, that are exclusively built around zombies aren't as common as you might think, especially if you consider the fact that zombies are a well known...cultural...thing. And good ones, exist even less...Dead Island proves it. Paper fucking thin story, and it had a trailer where you believed that you had some difficult choices to make, ie. do i kill my infected, fictional, virtual zombie daughter, or do i try and find a cure? Nope, sorry, fuck yourself, I'm not gonna give you any story whatsoever. With that said, the melee system is fun, and zombies are zombies. But the game gets repetitive sooner rather than later, and frustrating as hell if you play with asshole friends. Not a bad game, not the most disappointing, but i had high hopes for this one. Alas, turns out it was Diablo meets Zombie apocalypse meets tropical island. Sounds good on paper, not so much in practice.

5) Sniper: Ghost Warrior (PS3)

More like Fully Automatic Rifle: The Loud, Completely Visible Rambo Warrior!

Again, last chance. May the impulse in my brain that made me buy this game be damned for all eternity in hell! IN HELL! I was hoping for another Sniper Elite, i was hoping for a sniping game that would be realistic, and fun, and stealthy, and somewhat difficult. Afraid not, and i really have nothing more to say about this "Sniper" game. You bastard, i was ready to love you!

That was long...wasn't it? But if you read everything till here, i take my hat off to you sir.


Brothers, sisters, it is time to lament.

If the games we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Developers close, games are canceled, but real love is forever.”

"Strong men also cry... strong men, also cry." - Jeffery Lebowski

GSC Game World, you may have known it due to Cossacks, a game that both myself and my uncle enjoyed a great deal (my uncle still does). Most of us have learned of its existence because of a phenomenal FPS game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl. I hope that by now you've realized i was using the past participle of know. That's because...

Shit just got real

I completely missed this piece of information, somewhat due to my obligations, but mostly Skyrim. GSC closed down, the future of Stalker 2 bleak at best. I know I'm late to the party, but i kinda wish i never got to said party.

The way I found my way to this info was by re-reading Roadside Picnic, and deciding to check how the sequel, to that great game, that's based on this amazing novel is doing. In hindsight, i wish i had no internet connection (which is partially true, shitty provider), I also wish that i couldn't read. Unfortunately, here i am, writing this grief (perhaps too strong a word), rage inspired blog. So, here's to the damnation of the internet, news, my ability to read and the closing of developers and canceling of games.

The "I-don't-know-where-the-f***-I-am-right-now" feeling

We all know how you feel amigo, perhaps not to that extent, but we do. Just to be on the safe side, I'd call the exorcist.

Usually when it's announced that a game is canceled or a developer is closed, it's sad, but nothing life changing. GSC closing isn't either, but i feel more strongly about them then say Team Bondi. It is, i suppose, shock coupled with anger and a bit of sadness. It's like getting shot, minus the fear, and it's not nearly as severe, but still a good analogy. The last time i felt like this i was 9, and i found out that Black Isle Studios was closing. That, was not a good day, and neither is this. Earlier this month i was checking for new information about the game, and now i find that it's gone.

Sure I'll be right as rain in a few days, but right now It's not so great. Many awesome games came out, DE:HR, Skyrim, Witcher 2, Batman AC, Saints Row The Third just to name a few. With a lot more coming, Diablo III, Torchlight II, Fallout 4 (yes, quite a bit time off, but still). Apart from Skyrim and Fallout 4, Stalker 2 was the game i was eagerly anticipating. I even started filling in the pre-release info on the Stalker 2 page. So much for me looking at every corner of the game and updating the Giantbomb page.

Why so serious?

Good times were had.

Because if you played it, you'd know that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. wasn't just some simple, completely linear FPS game with a paper thin story. It wasn't some military shooter clone.

Time for a bit of history.

In 1972, the Strugatsky brothers released a novel called Roadside Picnic, in five years, said novel was released in English. In another two the brilliant Andrei Tarkovsky directed the breath-taking, you guessed it, Stalker. Now, having read the novel, and having watched the movie, i can tell you that the game, apart from the Zone and the Stalkers themselves has little to do with either. But the atmosphere, the incredible atmosphere was captured perfectly.

And that, is why Stalker is the greatest FPS to ever be created...in my honest, humble and worthless opinion. It was a first person shooter with sublime shooting, arguably the best seen in a game, but more than that. It had a great story, combined with an eerie and bleak atmosphere and post apocalyptic setting in the Zone. Add to that an open world, some RPG elements and my dear sirs and ladies, you have a breath-taking game. If you've played it, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't played Stalker, go buy it and play it. In any case it doesn't really matter now, seeing as how the sequel is more or less dead.

I could go on and on and on...and on about the greatness of Stalker, both the game, the movie and the book. Unfortunately i don't have the will required to write too much, and you don't have the attention span to read too much, so lets move on shall we?

It truly is sad, and lament worthy, that the sequel to such a game gets canceled, and yet people still recycle their games and release them each year (pretty much the same) to the ecstasy and admiration of the fanboys. Now i have nothing against CoD, I've played it, and I can see why the multiplayer is great, and addictive. But it really isn't my cup of tea. That being said, if i did love CoD I'd be pissed to see the same game over and over again. Also, it may be the anger part that's talking now. In any case, this whole situation is f***ed up.

Conclusions...they don't matter.

Seeing as how the developer is closing its doors, and the sequel, like i mentioned, is more or less dead. There are i think, several outcomes, apart from two most of them have a very small chance of playing out.

  1. GSC Game World re-opens.
  2. Some of the developers open a smaller company, they finish the game.
  3. The community gets involved, manages to get their hands on the engine and finishes the game.
  4. A publisher buys the IP of the game, hires a dev that makes it (from scratch).
  5. The said publisher hires a developer that makes the game perfectly, in accordance to the atmosphere, gameplay and history of previous Stalker games.
  6. I become a millionaire and fund the project myself.
  7. GSC Game World remains closed, Stalker 2, never to see the light of day.

As you can see, all of those are pretty far fetched, except maybe #4 and #7. Number 4 of course, is no good because, well, see the transition between Fallout 2 to Fallout 3. I think that all Fallout games are awesome. But there are a lot of people who loved the first two, and hated the rest, and i can definitely understand them. Number 7, well, that just simply not good.

So, to finish this grief/rage inspired blog, i ask the community. What do you think will happen. And if you think that Stalker 2 is never going to get released, how do you feel about it?

And with that my dear reader, The Dude shall leave you with this.

I wish we weren't such assholes towards Stalker, i wish we hadn't told him to get out of here.


The Simpsons, officially dead, at least to me.

Lament with me brothers, our great father is dead!

Before anything else, i think we can all agree that The Simpsons started sucking a while back, especially when compared to the old episodes. But there are also a lot of people that still love the "new" Simpsons, and that's cool. But I'm one of those that doesn't. So read on, through the ramblings of a mad man.

Yeah, that's right, the show's been decreasing in quality for quite a while now. But as of 30th of October, i regret to announce that the Simpsons have died. As you may or may not know, The Simpsons have a long standing tradition of making a "Halloween" episode every year, which is aptly named Treehouse of Horror. Usually it's a nice reprieve as it allows both the writers, animators and viewers to move away into the supernatural, impossible and weird side of The Simpsons (at least more so). This year however it's been a complete and utter f*** up.

I used to love this chubby, bald bastard. Now all he does is fart.

In the first part of the episode, The Diving Bell and the Butterball Homer gets bitten by a black widow and is left paralyzed, the only way he can communicate? Farting. That's it, that's all. Farting. He continues to communicate through farting for the next few minutes, until he gets bitten by a radioactive spider, still paralyzed though. The next few minutes is a sigh Spiderman parody, finally it ends. This is something i expected from Family Guy, which is ok but there was a time where it was no where near The Simpsons, or should i say there was a time when The Simpsons was way better than Family Guy. I don't want to see Homer fart for 6 f***ing minutes, i mean fart jokes are ok if you're going to kindergarten, but this is one of the longest, most successful franchises in history, a God damn cultural phenomenon. Is this what it comes down to? Fart jokes?

Thankfully the next part is actually a lot better, and i was glad i didn't just stop watching. Dial D for Diddly. And i have to say, this is probably the best work I've seen on The Simpsons for years, i was almost ready to forgive the 6-7 minute farting thing. This part starts off with an intro that is a obvious nod to Dexter (a series i love and have started re-watching recently), as Flanders is getting ready for his day. Good ol' Flanders is tricked by Homer into killing people via microphone hidden in a bible. And frankly, I've imagined Flanders killing people in his basement for years, it makes perfect sense. A person that talks to God, has markings of religious fanaticism spells psychotic serial killer to me. Kind of a head scratcher as to why the writers didn't come up with this earlier. Overall pretty good.

Next, In the Na'Vi, the whole part was an Avatar parody. I don't think i have to say more, do I? But i will. Avatar came out in 2009, my guess, the writers couldn't come up with anything so they decided to put in a completely unfunny parody. What started off as disbelief (The Diving Bell and the Butterball) turned into surprise and enjoyment (Dial D for Diddly) which unfortunately turned into disappointment (In the Na'Vi)

In Conclusion

If you type into google "The Simpsons are" a suggestions pops up that says "The Simpsons are not funny anymore" and "The Simpsons are we there yet.

The Simpsons decline in quality and humor was and is obvious, even as far as several seasons back, but on this October 30th the show reached a new low. I am...was a big fan of the Simpsons, at one time i even collected Simpsons memorabilia but decided it took too much effort (similar to what the Simpson writers decided about little things like plot and good humor). Even my dad who thinks cartoons are for kids praised the Simpsons on numerous occasions.

I remember the time when The Simpsons wasn't just a simple show that made me laugh (and it did make me laugh a lot). But it was touching, emotional, many times did i go aaaaa just like a sit com audience goes when they see something sweet. It also showed great insight into American society, culture and politics. Now? Now it's fart jokes and cheap parodies. The Simpsons used to be a cultural phenomenon, now it's below the quality of Family Guy. The Simpsons are becoming animation's own equivalent of Jason Seltzer & Aaron Friedberg.

I've been waiting for that old spark of geniality that made the Simpsons great. I've been waiting for it just like the Ethiopians have been waiting for rain (ok, that joke is fucked up and i apologize). Twenty three seasons, we had a good, long run, and i can always watch the old, great Simpsons episodes. But when your dog is sick, it's time to put it down. And the Simpsons became sick a long time ago. Then again, who knows, perhaps some new writer will find a cure, and we can all start enjoying The Simpsons again.


I was just expressing my opinions and disappointment about the new Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode. I know that the Simpsons aren't what they used to be, but i didn't expect this.


Thank You for Smoking. But please, keep it to yourself.


  Smoke, the reason behind the coolness of smoking

How i started using "Death Sticks".

I was a smoker for some 5 years now, i started when i was 13. My parents were out, and one of them left a pack of cigarets and a lighter at home. It was as if though that pack was somehow magically alive, it spoke out to me:"Come on Dimitri, you know you want to." Being the impulsive dick that i am, i really couldn't resist, i of course knew of all the health hazards, and nonetheless decided to go for those "death sticks".

What will happen when i get cancer, also, some stuff about anti-smoking adds.

 Sure, it will kill you, but you can do magic tricks until it does
Now, when a doctor tells me that i have cancer (Note the when, not if, cause i sure as hell ain't quitting), I'll do what i do when i see an anti-smoking video, commercial or campaign. I'll light up a fag (It's okay, I'm British) blow the smoke in that doctors face and smile. Why? Because there are two kinds of people that piss me the fuck off more than any other kind.
  • Sell outs (And i don't mean in the music business, but sell outs in the sense that someone sold their strongest belief(s) and/or principle(s) for money, favors or simply to aid them in any way) 
  • Self-righteous dicks with a superiority complex who love nothing more than to lecture people
 That doctor may, or may not be a self-righteous dick, but you get the point. Go to anything anti-smoking related, and i guarantee you, you will find a comment by a person that belongs to the second group of my most hated kinds of people. It's those people that piss me off, perhaps even more than sell outs, but that's another discussion for another thread, it's also those people that fuel my motivation for smoking. Quite frankly, i smoke in my room, not in public, and i only damage my own lungs, if you do see me smoking in public, walk out of the 20 mile radius centered around me. And should you walk right next to me, and accidentally inhale one breath of smoke...guess what Jim, it won't kill you...second hand smoking is complete garbage. I've been a second hand smoker since i was born, but i only started when i was 13, and it was due to my own impulsiveness and... well i would have said stupidity, but that would mean admitting that I'm wrong, which, like any President of the United States or any Republican, I'll never do. 

Tobacco companies, smokers around the world and self-destructive nature of mankind.

Let me just translate to you what is written in Serbian, on my pack of fags (Thank you England, your brilliant urban dictionary allows me to use sentences like that).
Anyway, back to the warning: "Smoking kills,tobacco smoke damages people in your surrounding. Smoking causes lung cancer, lip cancer, tongue cancer, vocal cords, or throat cancer." Dayum, what i get from that is that smoking cigars is like eating cancer. But guess what, the tobacco companies are mandated by law...LAW to print that on every pack. And we still have hundreds of millions of smokers. Let me just quote a website i just stumbled on.
World Smoking Facts
"Around 6 million people may die each year worldwide staring in in 2010 because of smoking and tobacco related disease, according to the World Health Organization – including over 438,000 Americans, 650,000 Europeans and 1.2 million people in China."

"Tobacco use will kill 1 billion people worldwide in the 21st century if current smoking trends continue."

"6.6 billion people are on this planet and 1.3 billion are smokers, the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) and the World Lung Foundation (WLF) told the 38th Union World Conference on Lung Health."

"66 percent of all smokers live in just 15 countries, according to The Union and the WLF."

"1.8 billion young people aged of 10 to 24 smoke cigarettes, according to the World Health Organization.
* More than 85 percent of these young smokers live in developing countries (WHO)."

"One billion men and about 250 million women use tobacco every day around the world, according to a study presented at the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health."
If this **** is true, and i don't really know i just found these cool quotes, but if it is, then i think that mankind, in general is stupid and/or self destructive. (Doesn't matter if you smoke or not, the potential is there) So there you have it people, the self destructive nature of mankind has brought about the end of the world, but war, war never...damn it, i got lost.

  What's worse? A smoker? Or a self-righteous person riding a moral high horse? I'll go with the second

Pros/Cons listPros of Smoking:

  • It makes you look cool
  • Humphrey Bogart was a smoker
  • According to the World Smoking Facts, without smoking, there will be +1 billion people in the worlds populace by the end of the 21st century so: Keeping the population down +1 for pros list
  • It's relaxing
  • A cigaret is great for after sex
  • Great for social occasions...not anymore, thank you anti-smoking adds 
  • Reduces stress
Cons of Smoking:
  • Causes death (Not the only point i can put here, but do i really need to put more?)
IT WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE SERIOUS, as in jokes, fucked up humor...you know, laughter haha. Fuck.

Conclusion, kind of important.

 Like many occurrences in the life of an average human, i don't want stuff shoved down my throat. Whether your a Christian fundamentalist, atheist, pro-smoking, anti-smoking, feminist, republican, democrat (the list goes on and on) i really don't want to hear you talk about stuff. I don't want to know how you know God exists. I don't want to listen to your 2 hour ravings of how you know God doesn't exist, i don't care that smoking kills, it's every persons choice, and if they choose to smoke, they really don't have the right to bitch when they get throat,lung,lip or tongue cancer. Finally, if i am interested in any one topic, i can simply google it and come to my own conclusions or ask someone, God knows that today we get to much stuff forced on us...i bet that if someone tried to force their views in the Wild West they'd get a mouthful of led...i miss those days. 
Anyway, to be more on topic, smoking will kill you, but you'll die sooner or later, the choice to smoke cigars is your own, and as long as you know the dangerous effects of smoking (which, by now any kid that knows how to speak/read knows) then its up to you to decide whether or not you want to smoke. It is stupid and self destructive and dangerous and it can cause death, I'm not saying smoking is good, but what I'm saying is it's your choice and no one should force you to do something you want/don't want to do. 
I'll leave you, dear reader with a great movie, my favorite dark comedy in fact, watch it when you have the time.
  You know what, just watch the video, or the whole movie, it sums up perfectly what i so clumsily tried to say.

I love you lazy people, TLDR.

Smoking is bad, i do it mostly to spite self-righteous pricks, and because i like it. You should decide whether or not to smoke, in fact you should decide whether or not you want to do something (that's permitted by law, obviously), no one else should decide for you. People bitch about stuff too much, and this is my way of bitching about people who bitch. Blogs are awesome.

Say hello to the, at times, most infuriating game in existence.


Ninja Gaiden? QWOP? Super Meat Boy? Fuck all those games, say hello to Dota!
This is a rant, and the worst kind, the angry rant. I really just have to vent about a game i enjoy, but a game that i hate sometimes, depending on who i play with.
For people like myself (I love you duders, no homo), who are too f***ing lazy to read anything, I'll post a TLDR version somewhere below...but where? Nobody knows, it'll be like a treasure hunt.

 You can kind of see what I'm talking about right?
The game in question is Dota, and in case you didn't know Dota, or Defense of the Ancients is a game that originated as a mod for Frozen Throne (which in turn was an expansion for Warcraft 3). In it, two teams fight each other, sentinel and scourge, whom you may recognize if you've played Warcraft before. The game takes up to 5vs5 players and pits them against each other. Players will have a choice between over a 100 heroes, each hero has his own unique abilities and play styles (obviously), and for each hero you can build and buy well over a 100 items. The aim of the game is to take out the Ancient of the opposite team, getting to the ancient is a bit difficult though. The map is divided into 3 lanes, also, it's divided into two halves, the Sentinel half and the Scourge half. The crossing line is right down the diagonal of the map, and that diagonal is a river. As mentioned, the game has 3 lanes, top, mid and bottom lane, each lane has 3 towers for each team, up to 6 towers. In order to reach the enemy Ancient one team must first "push" (destroy) the towers, and then finally destroy the towers guarding the ancient and the ancient itself in order to win the match.
So, a quick summary would be: Dota is a competitive 5vs5 multiplayer game in which players try to destroy the other's team Ancient, which are basically buildings in Sentinel/Scourge base. 

So, now that we got the bare basics out of the way

Sounds simple enough right? Hey, look at me, I'm playing a new multiplayer game, ZOMG there are over a 100 heroes i can choose from, oh this is going to be so fun. Yeah, that's what they want you to think. The truth is, and this is the single greatest weakness of any multiplayer game in general, you have to rely on other people, when you enter a pub game, it's like you're playing Russian Roulette with your nerves.     
Let me just say this, Dota is not by any means a bad game, in fact, it's my favorite multiplayer game. It requires strategy, focus, reflexes, map awareness, teamwork and, most importantly, experience in playing the game....you know what, scratch that, the most important thing is playing with good players. And that's the point, you can't rely on yourself, because after all, you are playing against five other people who'd like nothing more than to perma-stun your hero to hell, but if you're playing with a bad team, who can you rely on? No one, and ergo, this rant came into existence. 
I'm by no means a pro, I'm an intermediate player, i know what heroes are carries, what heroes are support, how to play most of the heroes, what items to build for heroes etc. Here and there i have a couple of amazing moments. And yes, we were all noobs once, we all had our humble beginnings with other players yelling,screaming and posting some offensive messages involving our immediate family, I'm not saying, I've been there. But some of the players, even in pub, it's just mind baffling.
When i started playing this game, i was lost, but i had the help of a friend and when i wasn't playing with him, I'd shut the **** up, ask other, more experienced players for advice and do what they say. But, when you get that new player that simply will not listen to anything anyone says, who in the end will call you and your team noobs, when he himself has fed the enemy team so well, i mean, there are players out there who are like a Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner combined. (Just for clarification, when you get killed in Dota, you loose gold, the enemy hero who killed you gets some gold and exp, ergo, the feeding phrase)  
It get's a bit technical from here on in.
It's these players that are responsible for my ulcer, well, or at least they will be. For example, the inspiration for this guide were the players i played with today. Fifteen minutes in, i had power threads, a dagger, and had 4-0 death-kill ratio and around 39 creeps if i remember correctly. Team scores on the other hand were 4-6 for them, and in those 15 min we had already lost one tower (which, when destroyed gives each enemy hero 200 gold). Later on, as two team mates were going through the bottom lane to destroy a tower, i explicitly told them that they would be ganked, i marked it on the map via signal, i wrote to them...and nothing, they tried to push and got owned, both were dead in mere seconds. (A gank is an ambush the enemy team sets upon outnumbered enemies, they will attack in a blitzkrieg fashion in an attempt to completely surprise and crush the enemy, most of the time, if pulled of right it does wonders). So, i said, oh well, we can still win. Unfortunately, one player was AFK for 5 min, and my other team mates thought it would be a good idea to kick him (a feature added to kick AFK players), getting some 400 gold from the kicked AFK player may seem like a good idea, but it's all for nothing when the enemy is better than you AND has +1 hero. So, the enemy decided to push our mid lane, me and one other team mate were waiting to try and stop the onslaught, while the remaining two team mates were doing God knows what. I begged them to come and help us defend, but nope, again, nothing. Meanwhile, the other team mate who was with me decided to go all Rambo-like on their ass and got himself killed, again, in mere seconds. Breaking point was reached, and i raged quit.  
Now, let me just draw attention to the fact that I'm not one of those elitist, butt hurt people who call other people noobs when they are loosing, even though, while you read this it may seem that that's exactly what i am. But no, as long as it's a good game, i.e. both teams play to the fullest of their ability, give their best, then it really is a good game, and i can win or lose, satisfied that we gave our best. I really have no problem with losing, but i do have a problem with people not using their God given common sense and logic, i don't know maybe they don't understand the concept of the game, or maybe they don't even understand English. In any case, i do not hate Dota, i love Dota, but i can hate the players, which are sometimes...
I'm gonna go and play some sweet, beautiful single player games, in which i don't have to rely on anyone else but myself. As for Dota, I'll still play, but I'll try to play only with people i know, with 1-2 pub games here and there. 

The Conclusion

Dota, is a great game, that requires many a things from the player. It can truly be an enjoyable, probably the most enjoyable multiplayer experience out there, so long as you play with people who know what they're doing. Otherwise, it's a complete and utter disaster that will leave you wondering, hey, what happened to my sanity, where did it run off to?  I guess that we all have our episodes where we get pissed of at multiplayer games because of the people we played with (perhaps the fact that i, again, haven't slept in nearly a day has something to do with it). Thankfully, the smooth sound of Art Blakey is here to calm me. 
Once you enter a berserker's rage after playing competitive multiplayer, jazz is the answer.
Anyway duders, forgive the gramatical errors, I'm kind of pissed off now, and really sleepy and just needed to vent. As always, good luck and have batman!

TLDR Motherf***er

Multiplayer games can suck when you play them with someone who has no intention of listening to advice you're willing to offer, or listening to common sense and/or logic for that matter.

From Gamespot to Giant Bomb

Surprise surprise i was banned, for God knows what reason on gamespot,after 4 years and several reviews taken down -.-
In a short hour or 2 of being a Giant Bomb member i already see the error of my ways, Giant Bomb really is a great site!
Really diggin the site. 

Giant Bomb
*short rant end*
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