Out sick for a week

So I have been out sick for about a week from work now. About to only thing I can do is play video games or watch TV so it has provided me with a chance to play some games I wouldn't normally get to play. Having already beat Dust this week I have decided to get a game that I have wanted to play for a year now in Bastion. Just finished downloading it now so I am excited to get started on this.


Howdy folks

So I found this site through Reddit (the Kerbal Space Program Quick Look) and I have found another internet home. I love everything about this site. I am obsessed with video games as this is the best place I have found for information/videos on games other than the huge titles.

Today I started my "Dust" adventure and honestly I love it so far. Its the first game of this style I have ever really gotten into and I feel it could get me further into adventure games like this.