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I'll try anything and haven't come across much that I don't like. The only thing I can think of currently is calamari. I've tried it a handful of times and don't hate it but would politely decline it. This is a relatively recent development though. I was a real picky eater when I was a teenager. I wouldn't eat salads or most vegetables, and wouldn't go near any foreign foods. I'm kinda glad I was like that early in life though. It's made my twenties a really enjoyable experience of trying new things and finding foods that I absolutely love.

Oh, and for you mustard haters: I will occasionally eat a mustard sandwich. Like, maybe, once every couple months. Two slices of bread, mustard, that's it. It's a weird thing I've done my whole life.

I just really love mustard you guys.

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If you ever used the word feminazi unironically, I think you are pretty silly.

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Unless you have proof, when you say that Deep Silver did this to cause controversy and boost attention you are talking out of your ass. You're just another conspiracy theorist and this is the video game version of chemtrails. What's more likely:

Deep silver's marketing department are geniuses and concocted a scheme to sell more units by provoking the games media on a controversial topic. A plan that just conveniently works.


Deep silver's marketing department are out of touch idiots (like most marketers) and thought that zombie boobs would sell a few more copies to morons.

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Man, these comments have grown tedious. Don't like Klepek? We get it now. You can stop telling us. Think that these stories are a plague threatening to corrupt your precious concept of what Giant Bomb should be? You are overreacting, and you are a man-child.

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@EnduranceFun: It wasn't a link to a sociological article. I said that, informally, appeals to authority are only fallacious when said authority is either not an expert, or not an expert in a field related to the argument. I provided a link to show that I was not just pulling that out of my ass. I deleted the comment because fuck it, whats the point. I got so mad reading these stupid comments that I insulted a dude, and that was wrong. The only reason I'm replying now is for clarity, and to explain why I deleted my comment.

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@dr_mantas: I really am.

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@dr_mantas: Yeah, what do all of those "academics of choice" sociologists know? They've just got PHD's and shit. You're a dude on the internet! Armed with limited knowledge and what passes for common sense these days!

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@JasonR86: Again, It's not that they're white or have a lot of money. There are rich white people that don't act like that. It's the fact that they act like spoiled douchebags.

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@Seven2600: Those kids are spoiled douchebags. Continue fighting the good fight, and tomorrow may be a better place, where spoiled douchebags finally achieve equality.

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I hate how people think that raising and discussing an issue doesn't accomplish anything. It makes a huge difference. It brings attention to important issues. It puts pressure on people with the power to make change.