GOTY 2013

ThatFrood's list stuff doesn't account for my jerk self who makes his lists backwards to drum up anticipation for what my number 1 game could possibly be (not that I blame him, because that would be absolutely ridiculous if it did that), so here's my Top 10 games list in a less exciting order. If you want to read my exciting list, with stuff written down on it, point yourself over here.

List items

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You devilish fiend!

Very well! Looks like Lego City Undercover is getting 10 points!

Mm, by the way. With the way I've changed the methodology, you didn't have to make a separate list. You could have just linked the original, text, title and all!

edit: wait, the other list is in proper order. What's going on here.

edit edit: oh jesus christ. I understand now. You reordered it for this list. Wow you. You, you really do have Lego City Undercover as your goty.

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I do.