Switching From XBOX360 to PS3?

Yeah, I am switching from playing Xbox360 to playing PS3 more. I'm not as serious as a gamer as I used to be, and I mostly used Xbox360 for netflix and videos on Zune. But since I got my PS3 back from my sister, I can use netflix on my PS3 for free and I can put digital copies of movies and tv shows onto the PS3. It just seems much better if I sell my xbox and use my playstation for media purposes, and God of War, and of course Skyrim.

A Neat Idea?

So I had this image, where if you pre-order Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can get an extra quest where you hear of journeys from the hero (which is you) of the previous Oblivion title.  
This feature would be available on PS3 and PC as well, but I will use XBOX360 as an example.  
Say you played Oblivion on your XBOX360 console, and you joined guilds or factions such as Mage's Guild, Fighter's Guild, Order of Virtuous Blood, etc., and you were at the top of the guild or faction, you get a quest going through a smiliar trial to see what happened to the hero, or a similar situation of that. You get a special weapon, like if you duke/dutchess of dementia/mania, you get Duskfang/Dawnfang.  
 If you're an Arch-Mage in the Mage's Guild, you get a rare and powerful staff.  
If you're a Listener in the Dark Brotherhood, you get sneaking armor or something involving stealth.  

Well you basically get where I'm going with this.  
I just thought it would be an interesting feature in the game. Maybe also something along the line of Assassin's Creed 2, how they had Altair's Armor. Maybe you can have Hero of Cyrodill Armor?  
I just thought it was an interesting idea. Please do tell me what you think, and add things if you would like!

Gaming While Snowed In??

So I live in the north side of Chicago, Illinois, and for those who are in chicago you know it has been snowing since 5PM central time zone. So I will be coming into money for christmas, and I am deciding on what I should get.   
One of my options are a Nintendo Wii. I want the Wii because I love Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, just the old school classics. So i figure while it is a winter wonderland outside I could just stay home with family and play the Nintendo Wii.  
Also I bought stuff on the Nintendo Wii using Club Nintendo, so am I able to redownload those games/apps through the Nintendo Wii AGAIN, or would I have to buy them all over again?  
So thats my main concern... Should i get the Nintendo Wii for old great throwback games and newer games (Zelda, Mario, etc.) for entertainment while I'm off school in work, or should I just save up my money?


Tired of Them Calling it Nazi Zombies...

So ive watched videos today of people talking about NAZI Zombies mode in Black Ops..... Isn't Black Ops suppose to be Vietnam or some **** like that? No Nazis ini Vietnam... Sure, MAYBE by some weird chance that a Viet Cong was a Nazi, or believed in what Nazi's believed in, but they wouldnt be called Nazi Zombies... Except that one Viet Cong who had Nazi believes. People are incredibly stupid...


Fable 3 or Fallout New Vegas...

Recently looked at the release dates for Fable 3, and Fallout New Vegas. Fallout New Vegas comes out October 19th, 2010, and Fable 3 comes out October 26th, 2010. Problem is I can only get one, and then wait until Christmas for a bonus to get the other... Which one will have more play value to keep me busy until Christmas?