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Posted by thefjk

I'm fully prepared for Skyrim and it works on my computer too!

Posted by tobygw

Those plates on the side just look bizarre...

Edited by Contro

Yea, it looks a little bulky, don't like those panels either.

I'm getting a Razer Tiamat (genuine 7.1) in December, it's a lot better than this.

Posted by Yummylee

Jesus... I'd half expect you could play actual Skyrim VR with that thing.

Posted by devilzrule27

Been thinking about picking those up. Hear nothing but good things about them.

Posted by thefjk

@Contro, the Razer Tiamat do look like beasts tho... true the 7.1 on the PS3 ones only work on games at the moment so that's knock off.

I'm in love guys, handy controls on either side... plates meant to look like PS3 I guess but I dunno the wireless just works, on both PS3 and Mac.

Posted by Masha2932

How is it amazing? Are you planning on doing a review in the future? That would really help.

Posted by thefjk

@Masha2932... Alright, I'll do a more detailed post and link it to you. Never really done a review but hopefully it'll help.

Posted by FluxWaveZ

I like them. Sound seems to be a bit distorted the last time I tried it with the PC, though.

Posted by Polydeukes

This wireless headset is amazing value (at least for an Australian importing one), as long as you handle it with care. The microphone is particularly fragile.