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Nah was checking prices on a site and for instance MGSGZ is guaranteed for £37.85 I doubt it'll be that cheap on PSN.
AC:BF is £44.86 on disk while I bought it for 52.99 on PSN.

Might get PS+ discounts for some titles but at the moment, buying on PSN is kinda pricey!

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You need the disk in. If you want to go disk-free, you'll have to buy off the PSN store, but unless you have a high bandwidth cap, that isn't always doable.

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No, you install all the files to run the game to the hard drive but the disc is still required for authentication.

Apparently if you install a disc and then later buy the same game off the PSN store it doesn't even use the existing install.

That's a bummer... looking at some pre-orders and the games are much cheaper than on PSN!

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Can you use a PS4 disk to install a game and run it without the disk?

I'm trying to go completely disk-less this gen, was wondering if the game registers as purchased on PSN once you've installed it, or does it require the disk to boot everytime.

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To be on Blizzard's side... this game is huge and it randomizes everything and is online, probably impossible to figure these things sometimes.

To be against Blizzard's side... WTF mayne? I thought number of years was directly proportional to game's quality... NOT!

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@dirtyharry said:

nice work.


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@Akrid: Thanks guys... we hit over 250 views for two days straight :) I appreciate it...

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@Masha2932... Alright, I'll do a more detailed post and link it to you. Never really done a review but hopefully it'll help.

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@Contro, the Razer Tiamat do look like beasts tho... true the 7.1 on the PS3 ones only work on games at the moment so that's knock off.

I'm in love guys, handy controls on either side... plates meant to look like PS3 I guess but I dunno the wireless just works, on both PS3 and Mac.