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I'll be streaming from 1 pm EST the 25th to 1 pm EST the 26th.

Its gonna be old guys playing old games on the actual hardware, so in other words they may be a lot of technical hiccups, but whatever, it should be fun.

We'll be playing all kinds of stuff from nes to dreamcast era and everything in between, maybe even CDI. If anyone actually shows up in chat I would be glad to take requests.

First time streaming so hope it isn't a total shit show!


Twitch Stream

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Enjoyed my time with the game, but I had the exact "Emperor has no clothes" feeling as well when I finished it.

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If i never got married i would probably spend like Jeff too. So thank god i got married or my house would contain nothing but arcade cabinets.

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Buddy of mine dated a stripper about 8 years back, Things went bad real fast, started using cocaine lost his job and ultimately ended up in rehab.

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Its really good chicken, I don't see why people are making such a big stink over it. If everybody makes purchasing decisions based off whether or not a company CEO's views are in line with their own, the economy would come to a screeching halt pretty fast.

Boycotts are always a joke, people will be back in line in a couple months.

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FInal Fight Every summer, not a big time investment

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I've been an EGM Subscriber since 93 so this hits pretty damn hard, good thing this site exists i dont know where else id go :(

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I resubmitted and was rejected boo

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its cool ill resubmit it if i remember what i wrote :)