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It's been mentioned, but The Expanse books by James S.A. Corey are really, really good. Fourth one comes out this summer, I'm very much looking forward to it.

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The scene at the end goes like this: She stabs him with her climbing axe before he lands on her, then she briefly pushes him off and yanks the gun that he's not even holding (it's in his holster) off of him and shoots him. There's no dispute for the gun. The first time she kills someone, she knees that guy in the groin and then bites his ear off, and we don't know anything about his physical state (maybe he was drunk? suffering from disease? beats me), so it's not too much of a stretch. Then again, Lara takes a pipe through the gut and steps in a bear trap amongst a billion other things and is perfectly fine. I feel like it's weird if there's a break in suspension of disbelief for these fight scenes and not for, like, the grievous bodily harm that Lara just ignores, but that's just me. I can't remember any fight for a knife. I played through it this weekend and did it pretty quick so maybe I forgot about it.

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Prometheus and Watchmen were exactly what I was gonna post. And I even liked Watchmen.

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By the time of it's end, Heroes was one of the worst written shows I'd ever seen. I was pretty much hate watching it week-to-week, it was so dumb that it was kind of entertaining. Which was a shame, because I thought Season 1 was good and Season 2 was pretty decent. I don't get why they would bring it back.

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"Eu Sunt Dracul!"

But I also really dug "Would You Kindly?" and the ending twists of Bioshock Infinite.

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Dogs, hands down, no contest. Cats are either boring and have no soul or are jerks, whereas dogs, sheeeeeeeeeeeeit, son, they know what's what.

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Like any hobby, if you get obsessive about it, then you start to look like "a loser". I've seen people call gym rats, or dirtbike fanatics, or hunters, losers because outside of lifting weights/tinkering with their bikes/shooting shit, they don't do a damn thing. Same thing with video games. Gotta have layers.

Even then, playing games a lot wouldn't make someone a loser to everybody. They'd fit right in with other people who play lots of videogames and then there's no worries.

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Aw, man. This is terrible and ironic in a messed up way. RIP.

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I love Uncharted, automatically sold, i'm in, take my money, done.

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It took over two hours, but I walked out with a copy of each game and all it took was three duplicate copies of games I've owned for ages. Amazing deal. Standing in future shop for hours took a toll on my mind, though.