My idea for future of Guitar Hero/Rock Band

I was just listening to last weeks bombcast and I had an idea when they were talking about Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles; Rock Band and how that people who buy a game in either franchise won't necessarily like every song on the disc. So I was thinking a good alternative would be a bundle where you could get all the instruments as well as a code instead of all the songs on the disc allowing you to download 60-70 songs, or however many would be in the game, from their online store. This way people would be able to get all the instruments and then be able to fully customise their track lists to their liking. Or they could just buy the downlaod code if they already have the instruments. Obviously only people with internet connection would be able to use this so it isn't a perfect alternative.

Podcast Delayed.

A combintion of Jamie having a mental brealdown and Brian ejaculating on my keyboard we have had to delay the podcast till next Friday.
Actually Audacity crashed so we have to rerecord it but we don't have time to do it until next Friday.
Sorry for the delay. :(


Fourth Podcast Available!!!

We've returned after our long break to bring you our biggest show so far! In it we talk about TGS, Little Big Planet, Home and EA's unsatiable love of money, we also unveil a big new announcement regarding our future as well as your emails! All this and more in the 4th edition of The Gamer Fix Podcast. Don't forget to leave your comments and opinions on the podcast in the comments section. Oh and sorry for the long wait. :) Go to


New Podcast

Hey everyone we've just finished recording the 4th Gamer Fix Podcast but I won't be able to edit it untl tomorow so expect me to put up another post on Saturday, sorry for the wait everyone by the way


A Call for your Questions!!

Hey as I am sure you know the fourth and last edition of The Gamer Fix Podcast, before we start work on the website, is happening soon and we want all of listeners to send us their questions, game-related or otherwise, to and we guarantee we'll read them out on the show. Look for the podcast in a couple of days. Don't forget to tune in!!


Bigger and Better Fix!!

Yo! I'm writing this to announce that next Sunday we will be recording the last episode of The Gamer Fix Podcast, but don't fear because we are joining up with the dudes form the Up Down Left Right AB Start Podcast and we are starting our own website! I will post more information about the website in the following weeks, we are aiming to launch the website around the middle of October. But until then be sure to tune in to the Final edition of The Gmaer Fix Podcast on Sunday!


All Gamer Fix podcasts on iTunes available to download for free

All The Gamer Fix Podcasts are available for free from iTunes, you can download them individually or you can download them all and subscribe to the RSS feed so that all future Gamer Fix Podcasts will be automatically downloaded to your iTunes library when they are available. To get them go onto iTunes and in the search engine, on the top right of the page, type in thegamerfix podcast and away you go! WERD!! Check them out! Also send your questions on video games or anything else to and we'll read them out on our next podcast!

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