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Oh Hell yeah pancakes, now that they have tons of money they can finally eat like kings! Super stoked for all this!

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does the number of cores in a cpu mean it has say 4 processors in a quad core processor, say for example AMD Phenom II X4 955 (4x3.2 GHz) does this mean it has 4 processors which each do 3.2 GHz or is the combined total of all four processors 3.2 GHz?

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@AlexW00d: Ideally it would be in the 500-600 range, Ijust found a shinobee pc on amazon that has pretty much all the specs i want, like a processor over 3 GHz, 8GB of RAM, and a decent graphics card, its not top of the range or anything but it's an ok card, it's like 400 euro without import duty so I dunno how much that'll be but it doesn't come with an OS so I'd have to buy windows 7 for around €100.
so like I'm looking for something with roughly those specs and for ideally less than 600 euro, if you know of anything in that range it'd be great to hear about it, thanks man :)
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 I just found this in the shinobee pc on amazon, it has a proper graphics card, although it's not particularily high end it's better than anything in the 3 pc's i posted, it has 8 GB RAM and a quad core 3.2 GHz processor and it's way cheaper than any of them, what do you think?
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I dunno just anything, like the pc I have now can only play starcraft 2 on it's lowest settings, it has like 2gb of ram a dual core intel processr @2.13 GHz and a pretty crappy gpu so I can't really play anything that taxing on it like I want to play crysis and civ 5 but they just wouldn't run properly and they'd look terrible on it, so I just want something that can handle most pc games. The no. 2 desktop on my list is like more than a 100 euro cheaper than the no.1 option and it's cpu is only slightly slower i think it's around 3.1 GHz so do you think it would be better to spend the extra money to get a really good cpu or just take the money I'd save and put it towards a graphics card. I hope the lack of sanity implied by your name does not hinder you're judgement in this situation.

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@krazy_kyle: I aint too good with all this technical mumbo jumbo but if I get a new gpu for one of the three i linked would it not be as good as these pc's you've shown, like the most expensive one on your list has the same cpu and less ram than the 1st one in my list, is there anything ese other than the gpu which makes it better?
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  1.   €688
  2.  €550
  3. €670
I'm looking to buy a new pc and I'm kinda stuck between these three they all have the same RAM 8gb, I don't really care about hard drive size cos I got plenty of external hard drives. The processor of no. 1 is the best and no. 3 has comparatively the worst i think it's clock speed is 2.9 GHz, but no. 3 is the only one with a decent graphics card, no. 1&2 just have some integrated intel thing. No. 2 is basically the same as no. 1 but with a slightly slower processor but it's a lot cheaper, so I put it to you humanity, well, at least the portion of it on Giant Bomb, which out of these three would be the best pc for gaming and just in general.  

EDIT :I'm probably gonna have to get a proper video card cos none of the ones here are any good, but just in terms of CPU, RAM and value do you think would be the best?
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oh cool thanks ok feel free to add me, ZakMaurice friend code 370