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thanks for all the help, I've won my last 4 matches so I seem to be getting better, woo! also how do I find my friend code thingy?
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I play protoss online, my battlenet id is ZakMaurice so feel free to add me, if you have any helpful advice on how to get better I'd appreciate it. I'm in bronze league and I've played like 60 matches and I'm roughly 25 wins to 35. I've only just started winning on a regular basis but like each match for me takes like 30 minutes cos I build up so much cos I'm never sure when to know that my army is strong enogh, any advice on how I could like speed up my game or just get better in general? 
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yeah its a hp, I havent gone near its wiry inards as of yet
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@jshbsn: mkay, say hypothetically, for some reson or another, some fool didn't know how to overclock his CPU, how might such an idiot go about overclocking his cpu?
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2 intel 6400 processors @2.13 GHz each.
2 Gb RAM.
Radeon X1650 SE.  
Windows Vista Home.
Now, the small talks out of the way, they're the specs for my computer and it should be able to run StarCraft pretty well, but with the graphics and texture details set to medium the fps is only around 10, which is quite infuriating,I turned off everything that was running in the background of my coputer changed the windows theme to basic so its not all shiny and is no longer the ball and chain on my computers performance that it once was, I've cleaned up my hardrives, defragmented my hardrives, sang lullabies to my hardrives and  nothing has really had much of an effect. The game is running at a resution of 1200 x 1024 I think or something like that and yeah, it can only manage 10 fps. So is there anyway or anything at all i can do to make the game run better, I ran it at its lowest graphics and everything but I would've thought that my computer could do better, and given how good the game is meant to look it just makes it even more infuriating that I'm being teased by this little peep show into its world. So any advice, apart from upgrading my hardware, which is seeming to be more and more inevitable, thanks for any help.
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cheryl cole
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Champagne Supernova by Oasis  
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it's a cool idea it'll be interesting to see where they go with it
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You are holding the key to my heart you beautiful man....
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if you spent more time paying attention to the game instead of staring down his little brown periscope than maybe u'd have enjoyed it more