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Yeah I wouldn't mind paying a small fee, I'd feel good about helping the guys out. If there was some nice privelages as well then heck yeah.
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I was just listening to last weeks bombcast and I had an idea when they were talking about Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles; Rock Band and how that people who buy a game in either franchise won't necessarily like every song on the disc. So I was thinking a good alternative would be a bundle where you could get all the instruments as well as a code instead of all the songs on the disc allowing you to download 60-70 songs, or however many would be in the game, from their online store. This way people would be able to get all the instruments and then be able to fully customise their track lists to their liking. Or they could just buy the downlaod code if they already have the instruments. Obviously only people with internet connection would be able to use this so it isn't a perfect alternative.    

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Rise! Woo, gotta love Chie as well.
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Wear a fake moustache and top-hat on one of the dates and then just go normally on the other that way if one of them says hey I think I saw you with some other girl last nigh , or something similar you can just say no that was someone who looked very like me with a moustache. Works ever time,usually for bank robberies but I'm sure it's success will carry over to this as well.
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Shit good job Sony, that is a lot of percents, the ps3 slim has turned out to be a fantastic idea.
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I'm Irish, Woo drinking and small green men... and leprechauns, woo!
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PS3 and Xbox 360

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cool DLC will be awesome, also they are the most Batman-y names with out having the word Batman in them.
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I'm kinda torn between all 3 but I'll probably end up getting it for my 360
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God damn I love the Beatles, I won't be able to get the game for a while though which sucks.