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Posted by TheGamerGeek
Posted by Vinchenzo

So many games so little time.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

I know but for me it's so many games so little money.

Posted by Bennyishere

I'm excited for this and am probably picking it up when it comes out, but the worst part of the game is the face animations. It's like they forgot to make the faces look any better than the PS2 games, and the lip-syncing is horrible. This will probably hurt their narrative as well. Still, I'm a BiA fan and am hyped for Hell's Highway.

Posted by dietmango

Did this game already come out? Because I dont know. Game looks good.

Posted by insanegamer

a game i am really excited for.

Posted by sleeprockss

Yeah benny I hope they fix the voice syncing I mean it was great in the first 2 now its like I am watching a kung fu movie. i hope it does not go into rainbow six vegas territory