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They definitely can be when the artist is trying to make wide generalized definitions of the way things are. I enjoy it more in a album-long narrative sense, where the artist is more working with musical concepts.

See: the fiery furnaces - blueberry boat, rehearsing my choir

The microphones - mt. Eerie

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Really disappointing. Forget problems with connecting to a game, I can't even install the thing. Origin says the game isn't released yet. Uh, what? Still extremely excited to get in there and play this game though.

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I hope you feel better soon Patrick! I did a similar thing and split open my chin. Though now I have a fairly gnarly scar across my chin which is better than not having one, so, and I mean this as a good thing, I hope you have some gnarly scars too.

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While I do think that gaming culture in general focuses too much on what is disappointing, I would have to say AC3 as well. I was having so much fun with that game until I did most of the side stuff and had to go back to the story... whomp whomp. Too little freedom in missions for an engine and world that were supplying so many possibilities.

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Their statement that these games are art matters more than their showing the games themselves.

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Just like a Bears fan to resort to surreality in order to see a victory over the Packers.