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I always liked thinking about it as different moments in time throughout the land's history/timeline, like this world that had become so shattered that linear time no longer existed, just linked moments. I would imagine that I was crossing some threshold into a different time, and it never felt jarring or messy, at least to me. I felt it made sense too with how the weather/time of day was always frozen in different areas. I never really got into the lore so that probably makes no sense, but it was a really enjoyable way of looking at it.

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Spent about two hours playing it last night. Got to the Forest of Artemis and cleared out the first 3 quests there, and it took me about that long to really get comfortable with the combat, but I'm loving it so far. The movement is a bit "floaty" but nothing like Little Big Planet. It's still quite responsive, you just have more control in air and a slower descent than might feel natural (also, it took a bit of getting used to being able to run up nearly any surface that isn't exactly vertical.) I've ended up focusing on ranged attacks and rolling, but that's basically because I haven't quite gotten the pacing down for melee. Certainly not a game to just run in and try to stab the dude a bunch of times as you'll take quite a beating. Take time, prepare for the engagement.

Long story short, there's certainly a learning curve, but as your muscle memory starts to build itself around the controls it begins to feel really natural and engaging.

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@friendlyphoenix: SIR! Thank you! Got the last code "A0709UK71917D3RC." Godspeed on the battlefield.

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Alas! Even I, the Ganja King, am in need of one of these rare and coveted NA demo codes (note that while The Great Neo-Ganja Empire is not actually in NA, we do share many customs and software region). If any kind souls could PM me one it would be my honor to declare you a knight of The Great Neo-Ganja Empire.

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@meatsofevil: Sir, thank you. That was an extremely thorough answer and it really helped me out. It is a bummer, agreed.

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Good day dear readers,

It is no secret here in the Great Neo-Ganja Empire that the Ganja King's favored genre is the open-world, I mean, was there ever a genre so well-fit for our most sacred of traditions? I've been hearing a lot about this game and the one positive thing I've heard is that the world is gorgeous and expansive, and this excites me, the Ganja King. What does not excite me though is basically everything else: the story, the racing, the online, the micro-transactions, the lack of smoke pillowing from windows.

So my question to those who have played the game is whether or not you can play by mostly avoiding those less desirable features. I just want to cruise the USA y'all.

-So says the Ganja King, in the year 420 of the Great Neo-Ganja Empire, 666th year of Burn's Sleep

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I've had a couple of instances where I got stuck in the environment and had to reload. The only really frightening bug I had was during a quest dungeon. My elven rogue Dankus and crew were about to unleash their holy wrath upon a few deserving heathens, so naturally I hit the touchpad to engage in that most useful of mechanics, the tactical view.

-Now, as an aside, I want to take a moment to celebrate the tactical view in all of its many facetted splendor. You see, when preparing for battle many cultures engage in some sort of ritual. Ranging from splattering the blood of livestock across the insatiably violent warriors to quiet mental exercises in order to raise awareness and calm in the face of such fierce chaos. In the Great Neo-Ganja Empire, we choose to inhale the vapors of our most sacred of herb, and it is the wonder of the tactical view that allows us to take time and partake in this, our holy ritual.-

Well now where was I? Right right... um.

WELL, uh. OH!

So I engaged tactical view, and as usual I go from character to character, assigning targets and methods to manipulate the battle, when I get to a certain character (who will not be named to save them from the embarrassment of such a misstep) they are, for reasons unknown to anyone, floating over a pool of water. A pool of water I might add that the games says characters can not exist in. As soon as I switch to this character tactical view disengages (something that actually happens seemingly at random and semi-frequently) and this character begins to plummet, and dies.

Then something both miraculous and horrifying happens. The character, like the phoenix, is reborn. The game in its panic and awe of this miracle auto-saves. But the Dragon Age gods are cruel, and without mercy the character falls to their death again. So begins a cycle so cruel, perhaps only sisyphus himself could relate.

Nothing works, and I am forced to close the application. Upon restarting and pressing continue, like a fever-dream, there our fateful sisyphus falls.

I will end this story with a word to the yet-wise. Save often, and do not overwrite. This is something I, the Ganja King, learned long ago whilst put up against far crueler worlds, and it (literally) saved me here. I had saved a mere two seconds before the auto-save, just as I went into battle, and was able to re-write time so none of this foolishness would happen again.

So says the Ganja King, in the year 420 of the Great Neo-Ganja Empire, 666th year of Burn's Sleep

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I think the decision to delay or not delay really falls under where the developer/publisher needs the game on the financial calendar, especially with large, publicly shared corporations. Usually a game will be better with some delays, and thus probably will sell better, no doubt, but that can matter less when a large part of your goal is to simply release x amount of games per quarter.

Personally, as the King of Neo-Ganja, it can be a bit disappointing when a game I've been looking forward to gets delayed, but at the end of the day, after a few hearty puffs, I prefer it.

So says the Ganja King, in the year 420 of the Great Neo-Ganja Empire, 666th year of Burn's Sleep

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I'm not exactly sure of your own local traditions and standards, but in The Great Neo-Ganja Empire it is traditional to bring a nice Jazz Cigarette, or if you can swing it, a fine Dutch.

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Ah yes, tis I, the Ganja King. If one of you would so graciously make an NA code offering, the Great Neo-Ganja Empire would forever remember such a valiant gift. PM me, the Ganja King if you are one such altruistic soul.