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This would be an interesting question to answer in general. Id probably say super based on the fun memories I have of that time. But as far as informing a buying decision, as others have indicated, there is no reason to buy anything other than ultra. Either buy a cheap copy of super and get the digital upgrade to ultra, or better still, wait for the disc release of ultra which also includes all the dlc costumes.

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@killroycantkill: Yeah my connection with you and a couple other canadians has always been fine. Better than a lot of UK ones wierdly enough. Its just that a couple days ago my dl speed randomly dropped from 19mb to 1mb so online play is off the table till I get an engineer in. We'll have to play again if you get ultra. Your abel was always fun to fight.

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Been playing a wee bit of ultra. It'd be cool if we could get some SF4 community action going again. Can't play online until my internet gets fixed on the 29th unfortunately. Well I could but it would be red bar city and no one wants that.

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Aris has done commentary at evo for years and never put a foot wrong. One of my favourite commentators.

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EVO 2014 is live on SRKevo1, SRKevo2 and CapcomFighters.

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Well, EVO 2014 is very almost upon us, the fridge is full of drinks and I'm hype as hell, I'd say its about time for some crappy predictions.

SF4 - Infiltration

Marvel - Chris G

Melee - PPMD

Injustice - Emperor Jupiter

KOF - Tokido

KI - Jwong


Blazblue - Some Japanese guy

ST ToL - Kurahashi

Highest view count - 200K.

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Always my favourite event of the year. Cant believe its that time again already. Will be rooting for Daigo all the way as ever. Don't really care about anything else. After working perfectly for 2 years my internet has chosen the week before evo to crap itself so I will probably miss most of it unfortunately.

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Its been a pretty good GDQ overall. Not quite over yet and there's still the bonus stream to look forward to but here are some of my personal highlights anyway.

- I wanna be the Boshy

Always a fun game to watch, skillful play and a charismatic runner with entertaining commentary throughout. Very few runners were capable of this. Good commentary is hard to get right, but so damn important.

-Halo: Combat Evolved

Never played a Halo game and was not interested in this run beforehand but again; S-tier commentary with thorough explanation of every trick and technique kept everyone engaged throughout and made this one of the best runs of the marathon.

-Metal Wolf Chaos

Insane Japanese mech game in which you play as the president of the united states. This was 2 hours of pure comedy complemented by a really good donation reader that got right into the spirit of the madness. Nothing will come close to seeing it live with the chat going nuts, but this is definitely a must watch regardless. Hilarious stuff.

There were obviously a lot more good runs but these were my top 3 overall. Also recommended are the WR runs, the races and this super cringeworthy highlight.

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Yay we did it!

Unfortunately I had to sleep and missed it all because it was like 8am but I'm super glad we pulled it off. Well done everybody.