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So I just noticed a few friend requests from this thread. We could all play each other individually and separately but I think a better idea would be to make a community endless battle lobby. Maybe make it a regular once a week thing like Mikefightnight does with various fighting games. What does everyone think?

@lilbigsupermario: Hey Ogai :3

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Great interview and really good to see FGC coverage on GB. Good job Patrick!

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The internet is a bizarre place. Many post the most heinous, repulsive shit purely for the purposes of provoking some sort of reaction, not even believing the thing they've posted. I don't understand the mindset at all. They must be very lonely individuals. I usually flag or ignore, whichever option is available. Responding is generally pointless as that is the one thing they are looking for.

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This would be an interesting question to answer in general. Id probably say super based on the fun memories I have of that time. But as far as informing a buying decision, as others have indicated, there is no reason to buy anything other than ultra. Either buy a cheap copy of super and get the digital upgrade to ultra, or better still, wait for the disc release of ultra which also includes all the dlc costumes.

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@killroycantkill: Yeah my connection with you and a couple other canadians has always been fine. Better than a lot of UK ones wierdly enough. Its just that a couple days ago my dl speed randomly dropped from 19mb to 1mb so online play is off the table till I get an engineer in. We'll have to play again if you get ultra. Your abel was always fun to fight.

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Been playing a wee bit of ultra. It'd be cool if we could get some SF4 community action going again. Can't play online until my internet gets fixed on the 29th unfortunately. Well I could but it would be red bar city and no one wants that.

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Aris has done commentary at evo for years and never put a foot wrong. One of my favourite commentators.