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They'll just sell it a month later. About 4 years ago I just started playing games a year or so after release and became much happier.

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It seems like every studio that makes F2P games says they're going to bring "AAA quality" to F2P.

Also seems like a lot of old designers are getting caught up in the interesting new business models but not the interesting new game ideas. Lots of famous film directors have a brilliant first half of their careers and a mediocre second half. I wonder if we'll start seeing a lot more of that in video games. Not that this game won't be great, "arena shooter" just sounds... old.

I really like the style of this article, Patrick.

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Is that a white guy forcing a dark skinned guy to kneel? Careful Ubi, if those are the themes you're going with you need to make sure you have a competent writer this time. Not that Yale dick.

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Well shit, the company that wants to own you as a person just bought a device that replaces your full field of vision. Nothing bad could happen with that. Nothing at all.

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Can't wait. Good game is going to be good.

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Go ahead and buy used it you want, there is nothing wrong with it, but doing it to spite a company is pretty pathetic. Lots of people work at these companies and you'd probably get along great with a ton of them. Refusing to give them money for their product just because you don't like some decisions they've made, a particular person at the company, or their public perception is pretty childish.

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The number of units they've gotten out there is actually incredible. They had massive supply this time and even bigger demand. It simply isn't possible to meet demand at launch.

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Everyone always says that Nintendo has great games, and they do, but it also seems pretty clear that their games have gone out of style. They were in style in a big way with the Wii for a part of its lifetime, but clearly not anymore. Nintendo needs to do something radical like they did with Wii Sports to grab people's attention and interest again. When selling hardware you need games that really excite large groups of people. No matter how great these existing games are they just aren't the type that make most people want to buy a system.

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@milkman said:

A couple years ago, Adam Boyes got in contact with me (when he was at Beefy Media) about consulting on some Mega Man Xbox Live avatar items because I had the most wiki points on the Giant Bomb Mega Man franchise page. It didn't end up working out but I was totally ready to do it.

I have never played a Mega Man game.

This is the best thing. You have made me very happy.

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@razielcuts: I read the arguments against her and I still think it's essentially just angry internet misogyny. Either that or you all are so insane as to think that someone needs to be a fan of something in order to do good work. Go look through the history of creative projects and you'll find countless examples of people who did fantastic work in a franchise they were never a fan of. Instead of digging through people's past for silly things they might have said once give them a chance based on their current and future actions. Maybe this lady will do a fantastic job if just given the chance. Maybe she wont and she'll leave without the harassment.